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Winter Weather Advisory Sat. 1/6/24 Mixed Precipitation & Accumulation

Jan 06, 2024
Harrison Weather Center Harrision NJ

Residents of Harrison and surrounding towns are advised to prepare for a significant weather shift as the weekend approaches. According to the latest report by Anthony “Tony” Mondaro from the Harrison Weather Center, the serene skies will soon give way to a weather pattern, potentially impacting weekend plans and travel conditions.

The Town of Harrison residents and the surrounding communities are very fortunate to have such a professional weather forecaster serving the community.  The information in this article is based upon the information provided by Anthony Mondaro from the Harrison Weather Center located in Harrison NJ.  Mondaro recently received the John Campanius Holm Award from the National Weather Service for his excellent work on behalf of the National Weather Service. You can read our article on this prestigious award by clicking on the “read our article”.

Starting this afternoon (1/6/2024), the region is expected to witness an increase in cloud cover, with precipitation developing by mid to late afternoon. The forecast indicates a mix of wet snow, rain, and possibly sleet, presenting a challenging scenario for residents and local authorities. This combination of winter weather elements is expected to persist into Sunday morning.

Accumulation levels vary across the region, with predictions ranging from a mere trace to as much as 3 inches in local areas. The temperatures will hover mainly in the 30s, creating a cold and wet environment. The Harrison Weather Center team advises residents to exercise caution if traveling later today and into Sunday morning. The weather conditions, particularly in terms of snow and ice, are expected to worsen as one travels north and west, especially in elevated areas.

The potential for mixed precipitation, including wet snow and sleet, raises concerns about slippery roads and reduced visibility. Residents are encouraged to monitor the latest weather updates on the Harrison Weather Center Facebook page and plan their activities accordingly. The combination of snow and sleet can create hazardous driving conditions, and motorists are urged to be particularly vigilant on the roads.

The Harrison’s Department of Public Works (HDPW) is preparing to respond to the adverse weather conditions. The HDPW takes pride in its reputation for well-organized snow removal operations. Residents should know that the HDPW first clears snow curb to curb on the entire length of Frank E. Rodgers Blvd. and Harrison Avenue.  No Parking Signs are posted for snow removal operations on a long-established street cleaning plan.  It is not clear whether curb-to-curb snow cleaning will be necessary with a mixed forecast of a mix of wet snow, rain, and possibly sleet.  There may be a chance of flooding near the Path Station neighborhood.

The Harrison Weather Center emphasized the importance of staying informed as the situation evolves. Updates will be issued on Harrison Weather Center’s Facebook page and website as necessary to keep the community aware of any significant changes in the weather pattern.

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