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Tony Mondaro Recipient of John Campanius Holm Award from the NWS

Oct 16, 2023

Anthony "Tony" Mondaro, a Harrison NJ resident and the founder of the Harrison Weather Center, is not just a name in the meteorological community; he is a symbol of dedication, passion, and relentless pursuit of knowledge. Today, as we delve into the journey of this remarkable individual, we find a story of perseverance, community, and an undying love for the weather. 

From the early days of his childhood, Tony's fascination with the weather was evident. His journey began in the second grade at Lincoln School, where his love for meteorology took root. It was here, under the guidance of his parents and the educators of the Harrison Public School system, especially Daine Basso O'Connor in Grade 5, that Tony's passion for the weather blossomed. 

Tony never let his circumstances deter him from his love for meteorology. Instead of being disheartened by not obtaining a degree in the field, he took it upon himself to learn everything he could about the science. His early interactions with the National Weather Service at Newark International Airport and his mentors, including the likes of Tony Gigi, Harry "Woody" Woodworth, Gene Hathway, and David Worth, played a pivotal role in shaping his career. 

National Weather Service Award

Tony's commitment to the field was recognized when he received the prestigious 2023 John Campanius Holm Award from the National Weather Service, an honor bestowed upon cooperative observers for their outstanding contributions to meteorological observations. Named after the first person known to have taken systematic weather observations in the American Colonies, this award is a testament to Tony's dedication and hard work. 

Over the years, Tony has been a beacon of knowledge and inspiration for many. From his association with the National Weather Service in Upton, NY, and Mount Holly, NJ, to his collaborations with media personalities like Allan Kasper, Bob Harris, Nick Gregory, and Craig Allen, Tony's influence in the meteorological community is unparalleled. 

His contributions extend beyond just meteorology. As an EMT for the Borough of North Arlington, Tony has dedicated his life to saving and bettering the lives of others. His humility shines through in his words, as he believes that helping others is not just a duty but a calling. 

Tony's journey has been filled with countless memories, from installing his first weather shelter with Nick Stefano to producing the weather segment for Ocean County News Watch 8. His association with the Newark Bears Professional Baseball Team as their Weather Consultant for ten seasons further showcases his versatility and commitment. 

Harrison Weather Supporters

Behind the success of the Harrison Weather Center is a community of supporters, including Tony's family, friends, colleagues, and the Harrison Weather Facebook family. Tony wanted to have special mentions go out to those who have hosted weather stations and taken snow measurements for Tony, including Mike, Melissa, Charlie, Mindy, Vinny, Lillian, Vikki, and Isa. 

Tony Mondaro is a community builder, a mentor, and an inspiration to many. His story is a testament to the fact that with passion, dedication, and the right support, one can achieve greatness. Harrisonians already knew that Tony Mondaro was a special person but it is very nice that he has been awarded the prestigious 2023 John Campanius Holm Award by the National Weather Service, an honor bestowed upon cooperative observers for their outstanding contributions to meteorological observations. Harrisonians and others throughout New Jersey and the New York Metropolitan area who have discovered how well he forecasts the weather can affirm that the award is very merited. 

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