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NJ/NY Gotham take on Kansas City Current Sun. Sept. 11, 2022

Sep 09, 2022
NJ/NY Gotham v. Kansas City Currents Game Poster

On Sunday, September 11, 2022, the NJ/NY Gotham FC team will be taking on the Kansas City Current whose home is in Kansas City, Kansas. Kansas City Current joined the National Women’s Soccer League in 2021.

The game is being held on the anniversary of a solemn day, September 11th, and there will be a ceremony to mark the day before the game.  On Sunday, it is Remembrance and First Responder’s Day at the Red Bulls Arena.

In 2021, the Kansas City Current played its Home games at Legends Field in Kansas City.  Its 2022 Home games are played at the Children's Mercy Park also in Kansas City.

The Kansas City Current has plans to construct an 11,500-seat soccer-specific stadium for North American Women’s Professional soccer in Kansas City.  The stadium will be located at the Richard L. Berkley Riverfront Park for $117 million. 

The stadium is privately financed through the team’s ownership group with the team signing a 50-year lease for the site at which the stadium will be located. Kansas City Current owners did request 6 million in tax credits from the State of Missouri to supplement their private funding.  There are some similarities to how the Red Bulls Arena was built with the Town of Harrison bonding to acquire the property that the Red Bulls stadium was built. 

At one point, the Red Bulls refused to pay property taxes because they accurately stated that they were not the property owner and their lease agreement did not stipulate an obligation for them to pay Harrison property taxes.  Ultimately after litigation, the Red Bulls and the Town of Harrison reached an agreement on a payment in lieu of property taxes. 

Tickets for the game are available through Ticketmaster. The game starts at 6 p.m. but arrive earlier for pre-game activities at the Red Bulls Arena. 

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