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Hip Hop Mecci Effect Hitting Red Bull Arena Sat. Aug. 26 2023

Aug 22, 2023
Hip Hop Lionel Messi At Red Bulls Arena Harrison NJ

In just a matter of days, on Saturday, August 26, 2023, all eyes will be fixed upon the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey. The soccer universe will converge on this very spot for an event that promises to be far more than your average match. The clash between Inter Miami FC and the New York Red Bulls in Major League Soccer is set to bring an electrifying atmosphere to the arena. This time we cannot be accused of exaggerating. But beyond the soccer spectacle, there's a pressing need for the Town of Harrison to be thoroughly prepared for the influx of traffic and the convenience of its residents. The game kicks off at 7:30 p.m. but the crowd is anticipated to start gathering in early Saturday afternoon.

This particular match holds a significance that stretches beyond the sport itself. The addition of soccer legend Lionel Messi to Inter Miami FC has sent shockwaves throughout the league. Ticket sales have surged to unprecedented heights. For example, the once modest $29 ticket for Inter Miami’s Leagues Cup match against Cruz Azul now demands an astonishing $459. Similarly, the entry price for Miami’s home showdown against the New York Red Bulls on August 26, 2023, has soared from $30 to a staggering $512. It beats the 300% pay increase for the Mayor of Harrison and Town Council this year.  

The phenomenon dubbed the "Messi effect" doesn't stop at home games. Consider the match against reigning MLS champion Los Angeles FC on September 3, where ticket prices have leaped from $81 to an astounding $599. The average cost of an Inter Miami home game ticket has undergone a dramatic transformation, escalating from $152 at the outset of the season to an eye-watering $935, marking an unparalleled 515% surge. 

As we focus our attention on the imminent event at the Red Bull Arena, the stadium's 25,000 seats are poised to be filled to capacity. The buzz surrounding Messi's presence ensures that every single seat will be occupied. Fans are eager to witness the soccer virtuoso in action, and the match promises to deliver a true spectacle. Months ago before Lionel Messi arrived on the scene the Red Bull management had earmarked the Inter Miami FC game to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop at the stadium so the sell out crowd is in for some special giveaways and celebration of Hip Hop.  What a combination, the Hip Hop 50th Year Anniversary and the Lionel Messi Effect.  Too bad the seat prices have gone through the roof. Most of the Town of Harrison's residents can't afford to attend the game.  Some may have gotten lucky and purchased some tickets before Lionel Messi signed with Inter Miami FC.

However, with this tremendous surge in popularity comes an equally significant responsibility. The Harrison Police Department is gearing up to release a comprehensive traffic advisory and, as part of their strategic traffic management plan, will temporarily close down South Frank E. Rodgers Blvd. This precautionary measure is integral to handling the massive surge of attendees and guaranteeing their safety during the event according to the Harrison Police Department Chief David Strumolo.

Amidst this anticipation and excitement, there are valid concerns voiced by the local residents. The decision to close South Frank E. Rodgers Blvd has not been without controversy. The residents who heavily rely on this route have voiced their apprehensions and discontent. Prolonged closures, particularly during significant events at the Red Bull Arena, have sparked controversy. The residents' demands for access to their homes during such events are absolutely justified. Striking a balance between efficiently managing event-related traffic and minimizing inconveniences for residents is of paramount importance. 

The arrival of Lionel Messi at Inter Miami FC and in the MLS has breathed new life and enthusiasm into the league. This undoubtedly brings immense benefits to soccer in the U.S., but it also presents a set of challenges that need to be met head-on. As the momentous game between Inter Miami FC and the New York Red Bulls draws near, the spotlight isn't solely on the action within the arena. All eyes are also on how Harrison NJ orchestrates the event beyond the field, ensuring smooth traffic control and access for its residents. 

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