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Cookies Harrison NJ Cannabis Store Grand Opening Wed. Aug 16, 2023

Aug 15, 2023

In the bustling town of Harrison, New Jersey, a new chapter is unfolding in the world of recreational cannabis. Two years after the Town of Harrison passed Ordinance 1445, permitting the legal sale of cannabis, Cookies Harrison LLC is gearing up to open its doors to the public. The Grand Opening on Wednesday, August 16, 2023, of Cookies Harrison was announced by Gilbert Antonio Milam Jr, better known by his nickname, Berner, co-founder and CEO of Cookies, the parent company of the Cookies Harrison franchise. Berner has over 2 million followers on Instagram and he visited the Cookies Harrison store pre-opening and did a walk-through as staff members were putting the finishing touches on the store in preparation for its Grand Opening. Click the Cookie Harrison logo above to play the Berner visit to Cookies Harrison video.

Location & Hours Of Operation

Cookies Harrison is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Daily (7 Days a Week).  It's location is 331 Angelo Cifelli Drive. It is on the building on the Corner of South Frank E. Rodgers and Angelo Cifelli Drive in Harrison, NJ. It is within walking distance of the Harrison Path Station.  Literally almost across the street from the Harrison Path Station. You can Order Online for Pickup through their website

A Brief Timeline of Harrison's Cannabis Ordinance

The journey began in August 2021 when the Town of Harrison took a progressive step by passing Ordinance 1445. This move aligned the town with the New Jersey Cannabis Legalization Law. By February 2022, two companies, Green Origin Solutions LLC and Cookies Harrison LLC, had expressed their interest in opening retail stores for cannabis sales at 615 South Frank E. Rodgers Blvd. 615 South Frank E. Rodgers is also known as the Harbor Station and known as 330 Angelo Cifelli Drive.  The Ah’ Pizza restaurant, is also located at this address, marking the intersection of South Frank E. Rodgers Blvd and Angelo Cifelli Drive. 

Key Players in Harrison's Cannabis Scene

Public records shine a light on the key players in this emerging industry. Cookies Harrison LLC, previously known as Turning Paiges LLC, has Daniel J. Cohen as its Authorized Representative and operates out of Englewood, NJ. On the other hand, Green Origin Solutions LLC, based in Iselin, NJ, lists OM A Patel and Shivani A. Patel as its Authorized Representatives. Both companies received the green light and a resolution of support from the Town of Harrison Mayor and Council to open their respective retail stores. However, in a significant move on May 16, 2023, Green Origin Solutions LLC sought approval to relocate to 701 North Frank E. Rodgers Blvd Mini Mall, bringing it closer to Harrison and neighboring East Newark Public schools.

The Road Ahead

With the local approvals in place, both retailers were awaiting the nod from the NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC). Their proposed locations align with the Town of Harrison Ordinance stipulations, falling within the neighborhood commercial zone and waterfront redevelopment zone. There was a significant delay in the CRC authorizing the Cookies Harrison store location which brought some comments from ownership born out of frustration about the CRC’s approval process.  Growing pains from a new governmental regulatory body for sure.

Mixed Reactions to Cannabis Sales

The decision to introduce cannabis sales in Harrison has been met with mixed reactions. While neighboring Kearny NJ has chosen to prohibit retail locations, Harrison sees a potential advantage in the form of a 2% local tax on each sale. However, the exact revenue from this tax remains uncertain, as does its ability to offset any additional expenses that may arise due to the new industry.

Concerns and Considerations

Quality of life and the potential impact on young minds are among the top concerns. The Cookies Harrison LLC store, located in a luxury apartment building close to residential neighborhoods, and Green Origin Solutions LLC's proximity to school routes, have raised eyebrows. Opponents argue that cannabis can adversely affect teenage brains and that its legalization might inadvertently send the wrong message to the youth. You can read more about the concerns in our other articles listed below.

The Intersection of Sports and Cannabis

In an intriguing twist, Cookies Harrison LLC's store at 300 Cifelli Drive is situated near South Frank E. Rodgers, a road that remains closed during Red Bulls Arena games and events. This has already been a point of contention for residents of the Steel Works building, Vermella, and Cobalt Lofts. The anticipated increase in traffic due to the new store might further exacerbate the situation, a concern that might also manifest at the 701 North Frank E. Rodgers Mini-Mall once Green Origin Solutions LLC begins operations at that location. Green Origin Solutions is still waiting for CRC approval to open its retail store.

Smoke It Responsibly

As Cookies Harrison LLC prepares to welcome its first customers, it's clear that the journey of cannabis in Harrison is just beginning. With the town's ordinance in place and the age restriction set at 21 for both purchase and consumption, the onus is on the community and the retailers to ensure responsible use. Remember, while purchasing and consuming cannabis is legal, public consumption remains prohibited. The story of cannabis in Harrison is still being written, and only time will tell how it unfolds.

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