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Harrison Zoning Board Meets Wed. May 15/24 To Discuss Parking Spaces

May 15, 2024
Harrison Town Hall Harrison Avenue Harrison NJ

 The Harrison Zoning Board is set to convene tonight, Wednesday, May 15, 2024, at 6:30 p.m. in the Third Floor Conference Room of the Harrison Town Hall. The meeting agenda, which was posted to the Town of Harrison website earlier today, follows an inquiry from YourHarrison regarding the meeting’s status. As of the close of business yesterday, May 14, no agenda had been published, leading to uncertainty about whether the meeting would proceed as scheduled. An Agenda has now been uploaded to the Town of Harison's official website.

The agenda for tonight’s meeting includes a single item: the memorialization of a resolution approving the application by All Seasons Childcare and Learning Center for a childcare center at 10-12 North 3rd Street, Block 14, Lot 26, Harrison, NJ. However, the agenda package does not include a copy of the resolution, leaving some residents and stakeholders without crucial information ahead of the meeting.

Additionally, there has been concern over the transparency of the Zoning Board's processes. The minutes from the prior meeting on March 20, 2024, have not yet been made public. These minutes are only released after they have been reviewed and approved by the Zoning Board members, which will occur at tonight's meeting. This procedure effectively excludes public input on whether the minutes accurately reflect what transpired at the previous meeting.

At the March 20 meeting, the Zoning Board gave tentative approval to All Seasons Childcare and Learning Center's application, contingent on the childcare center obtaining approval to take over three parking spaces on the western side of North 3rd Street from the corner of Harrison Avenue northward to the proposed site. These spaces would be designated for the pickup and drop-off of children, available 24/7. Currently, these parking spaces are metered spaces.  The applicant will be paying a fee to the Town of Harrison for the use of these spaces.  The parking spaces will also, per discussion at the prior meeting, be part of the requirement for the operation of the childcare center.  It is not clear how that would work legally as part of the Certificate of Occupancy for the childcare center.

However, subsequent agendas of the Mayor & Council since March 20 have not included a resolution authorizing the allocation of these three parking spaces, which is a requirement stipulated by the Zoning Board. This missing piece raises questions about the status of All Seasons Childcare and Learning Center’s application and whether the conditions set forth by the Zoning Board will be met.

Residents and local stakeholders are encouraged to attend tonight’s meeting to stay informed and participate in the local zoning process. There is a Public Session at the meeting for persons who have questions or comments for the members and professionals of the Harrison Zoning Board.

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