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Jan 22, 2022

The Town of Harrison is a one square mile town in Hudson County, New Jersey.  Once known as the "Beehive of Industry" because the southern part of the Town was predominately occupied by manufacturing companies.  During World War II, Harrison operated 24/7 with three shifts of workers to support not only United States armed forces but its allies in its fight against Nazi Germany.  Today, the Southern part of Harrison nicknamed by some as SOHA is primarily residential with a combination of rental and owner-occupied apartments and houses. 

This website,, goal is to provide a centralized location for residents, business owners to obtain news about Harrison and engage in discussions in our Watercooler Harrison Community.

Membership is Free so sign up and let us know what you are thinking.  We are looking for Good News items, shout outs about Local businesses, issues and suggested solution for those issues.  The list of possible topics is endless but we are starting with a few on our Watercooler Community forum.