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V-E Day: Harrison's World War II Monument Honors Supreme Sacrifice

May 11, 2022
Harrison World War II

Sunday, May 8, 2022, was Victory in Europe Day also known as V-E Day. On May 8, 1945, celebrations throughout the world occurred at the news that Germany had surrendered and that Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Third Reich had been defeated to end World War II at least in Europe.  There was also on the next day a surrender signing conducted in Berlin to Russian President Josef Stalin.  The Russians celebrate the victory over Adolph Hitler and the Nazi’s Third Reich on May 9th because of that second surrender signing.

The Town of Harrison dedicated a World War II Monument next to Library Park in Harrison’s Veterans Plaza.  The Monument joins one honoring those who made the supreme sacrifice on behalf of the United States of America and who served in World War I.  On the 77th Anniversary of Victory in Europe, we take a moment to remember the sacrifices made during World War II including those Harrison residents that gave the supreme sacrifice.

The Harrison World War II monument states the following:

In Honor

of Those Who Made

The Supreme Sacrifice


World War II

Raymond J. Abramowicz

Thomas E. Beers

William R. Bergmann

Anthony S. Bilotti

Fred G. Bisco

Micahel F. Canning

James P. Casey

Vincent P. Cerullo

Edward A. Ciszkowski

James J. Cushing

Andrew Dobosh

Lawrence Dombrowski

John J. Doran

Joseph A. Dunaj

Augustus R. Feeley

William J. Flatley

James W. Gaffney

Aaron L. Gelzer

John M. Gibson

Konstantine S. Gorski

Russel F. A. Griggs

John J. Herrion

Adam S. Hociej

John Hudock

Edward A. Kaczynski

Geroge T. Koopman

Joseph J. Kowalczyk

Stranley P. Kropiewnicki

Francis J. Liebhauser

Henry S. Longo

Emil Martone

Thomas McAveney

Joseph W. McFadden

John F. McGrath

Donald F. McIntosh

Joseph E. McNamara

William G. Meeker

John M. Mikos

Thomas J. Muir

Francis J. Murphy

Stranley Olawski

Robert C. Pidcock

Louis E. Postel, Jr.

Frank Quinn

John L. Ronches

Joseph F. Rovinski

Eugene H. Ryan

Edward W. Schaler

James E. Schwalbach

James K. Seramba

Edward J. Smiecinski

Richard N. Smith

George W. Sorber

Frank C. Stypulkowski

Andrew Joseph Teipelke

John J. Tortorello

Calvin A. Tulai

Stephen Tulai

Andrew J. Was, Jr.

Andrew Welsh

Joh A. Wojciechowicz

Edward J. Zbyszewski

Joseph F. Zielinski

In total there were sixty-three Harrison residents who died serving the United States of America in military actions during World War II.  Additions were made to the Monument to list those who made the Supreme Sacrifice for the United States of America in the Vietnam War and the Korean War.  A separate Monument honors veterans of World War I.  On the face of the monument states “This Monument Is Erected in Honor of the Men and Women of Harrison Who Served in the Armed Forces of their county in 1941 World War II 1945; 1950 Korean War 1953; 1959 Vietnam War 1975; and is Dedicated in Loving Memory of Those Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice.  Dedicated November 11, 1995.”

As children play in the adjacent kids' playgrounds, the Soccer “Courts”, and a Basketball court, the Monuments stand to remind us that the Freedom and Liberties we enjoy did not come without sacrifices made by citizens who volunteered or were drafted to fight on behalf of the United States of America.


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