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Two Men Shot in Broad Daylight in Harrison, NJ: A Mysterious Incident

Jan 23, 2024
Hampton Inn Harrison NJ

In a perplexing turn of events, two individuals were shot last Thursday afternoon (1/18/2024) in what appears to be a shrouded incident in Harrison, NJ. The shooting reportedly took place sometime before 2 p.m., but the circumstances surrounding the event are raising eyebrows. 

According to Harrison Detective Sgt. Matthew Murphy, the victims were not found at the scene of the crime. Instead, they were transported in a private vehicle to St. Michael’s Hospital in Newark, bypassing the usual protocol of calling law enforcement. The incident came to light only after Newark police, responding to the hospital, informed the Harrison Police Department. The victims claimed the shooting occurred at the Speedway Gas Station (formerly the Hess Gas Station) at the intersection of Harrison Avenue and Passaic Ave.  

However, the plot thickens as Harrison police officers, upon reaching the alleged crime scene, discovered no evidence of a shooting. Customers and employees at the gas station denied a shooting occured, reporting no knowledge of any such incident. 

The mystery deepened as Harrison detectives pursued the investigation. They determined that the actual location of the shooting was not the gas station, but rather the parking lot of the Hampton Inn and Suites, located adjacent to it. This revelation raises several questions: Why did the victims initially identify a different location? What were the circumstances that led to the shooting in the hotel parking lot? 

Currently, both victims are reported to be in stable condition. The Harrison Police Department’s Detective Bureau is vigorously investigating the incident, seeking to uncover the truth behind this bewildering series of events. 

This shooting in broad daylight, coupled with the victims' unorthodox response and the initial misdirection regarding the location, casts a shadow of suspicion over the entire episode. The Harrison community and authorities alike are eagerly awaiting answers in this mysterious and unsettling case. 

If you have any information regarding this incident, you are asked to contact the Harrison Police Department at (973) 483-4100 and ask for Detective Sgt. Matthew Murphy.

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