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TBT: Senator Bob Menendez at Harrison Fest 2016

Apr 21, 2022

Throw Back Thursday. It was not the first time that United States Senator Robert "Bob" Menendez attended and marched in the Harrison Fest Grand Parade but you could see from his reaction to being thanked for coming to open up Harrison Fest 2016 with a step off at noon from Harrison Avenue and Joseph Supor Boulevard that he was enjoying the beautiful day and turn out for the Harrison Fest Grand Parade and Street Festival.  In his first Harrison Fest year prior, Senator Menendez, then a Congressman, showed up with an umbrella and a rain coat but was told by the President of Harrison Fest (also Councilman) Anselmo Millan that he would not need either.  As the Harrison Grand Parade stepped off, the sun came out and it did not rain for the entire weekend. The Senator still remembers that day.

Councilman Anselmo Millan came up and summarized what Harrison Fest stood for and thanked Senator Menendez for his attendance and support of Harrison Fest 2016 and the Town of Harrison through the years.  Senator Menendez at one point moved to Harrison from Hoboken.  The Senator's friendship with Councilman Millan was one of the considerations in his move.

In the video above Councilman Millan states, "Thank you.  I wish everyone enjoys this multicultural celebration.  We are all together.  This is the celebration of diversity.  But I am very happy and pleased today because we have the greatest United States Senator opening the ceremonies and marching with us, Senator Bob Menendez.  A friend of the community.  A friend of Harrison also my friend for so many years.  Always supporting Harrison.  Always in Harrison.  Thank you Senator.  My colleagues, Town Council, Monica [Miquez], Alicia [Monterrosa], Lawyer John Pinho and all the [Harrison Fest] Committee members.  So we have two days to celebrate.  So enjoy.  God Bless you.  God Bless America.  God Bless every Country."

This was the article posted on the official website of Harrison Fest Committee dated September 20, 2016.

"On Saturday, September 17th, over sixty-five different organizations marched in the Harrison Fest 2016 Parade.  United States Senator Robert Menendez pulled up at 12 Noon to the cheers of onlookers and minutes later the Parade started down Harrison Avenue in route passed the Town Hall Review Stand then on to 2nd Street.  Senator Menendez was greeted warmly by the parade watchers as he made his way down Harrison Avenue.

Senator Menendez's visit to Harrison was kept under wraps and was a surprise to many.  A woman participating in the Parade said as she passed the reviewing stand in front of Town Hall, "Isn't that Senator Menendez?" to which a onlooker stated "Yes, it is Senator Menendez."

The Senator was very gracious opening the Parade and thanking the Harrison Fest Committee for its great work and specifically mentioning Councilman Anselmo Millan who is the President of the Harrison Fest Committee. 

Senator Menendez stayed for the entire parade and then took pictures with individuals who wanted to record their mutual attendance at Harrison Fest 2016.  At one point, Senator Menendez was helping individuals to get off the main stage.

The Harrison Fest Committee and Councilman Anselmo Millan want to thank Senator Robert Menendez for accepting the invitation to participate in Harrison Fest 2016.  It was not the first time Senator Menendez came to the Harrison Fest Parade.  The last time the Senator came it was raining but stopped raining when he arrived.  This year the Senator brought perfect Sunshine and a breeze before he arrived.  Thank you Senator, it was a perfect Saturday and your attendance made it even better." -- Source website.