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Swearing In Ceremony for Harrison Fire Captains

Aug 07, 2022
Harrison Fire Department Harrison Fest 200

In June 2022, the Harrison Fire Department announced and we covered the story in an article entitled Harrison Fire Department A Long Way From Newark Takeover the official promotion of four Captains, already serving unofficially in their positions, would occur on Wednesday, August 3, 2022. As promised Captains Michael J. Granato, Eric S. Hausmann, Kevin T. DeGaetano, and James K. Patterson were sworn in at the Harrison Fire Department Headquarters in a formal ceremony with a traditional fellow Harrison Firefighter Captain Billy Faulkner playing the bagpipe in a traditional kilt played as the Captains walked in their uniforms for the formal ceremony.

There was also a tribute to Harrison Firefighter Vincent Doffont who died in March of this year after returning from a training exercise to the firehouse.  Firefighter Vincent Doffont is not the only tragic death in Harrison this year of emergency service personnel.  In February, Sergeant Ernie Hernandez, a 23-year veteran of the Harrison Police Department died while in the service of the Department after a quick resurgence of cancer took his life.  Sergeant Hernandez was praised as a calming force when called to a police incident.  You might get arrested but you might not have even realized the cuffs were on already. Firefighter Doffont was 37 years old. Sergeant Hernandez was 51 years old.  Their passing was tragic and a shock to their wives, children, families, friends, colleagues, and residents alike.  Your Harrison also covered the memorials of both men.  Additional articles are available by clicking their names above.

The Harrison Fire Department also announced Probationary Firefighters who will be joining the department.  The Probationary Firefighters are Cristina Sanchez, Christian Marulanda, Travis Marra, and Evan Morris.  Harrison Firefighter Matthew Nicastro was also present for the ceremony from a prior class of Probationary Firefighters.

As stated in our previous article entitled Harrison Fire Department A Long Way From Newark Takeover the Harrison Fire Department has come a long way since then Councilman Anselmo Millan stepped up to challenge a resolution by Mayor James Fife that would have transferred the Harrison Fire Department to the City of Newark.  Read the amazing story by clicking this link.

What are your thoughts on seeing the Harrison Fire Department officially promoting Captains?  What are your thoughts on then Councilman Anselmo Millan stepping up to object to the transfer of the Harrison Fire Department to Newark and how it feels now to see the Department moving forward? Let Us Know Your Thoughts on our Community Discussion Board.  If you have not signed up yet to participate you can Sign Up now.

Photo Credit: Harrison Fire Department