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Rt. 280 Sound Barriers Reflect Poorly On Town of Harrison

Aug 30, 2022
Barriers on Route 280 in Harrison NJ

Route 280 has sound barriers along its route to help reduce road noise going into communities.  The Sound Barriers along suburban towns are made of concrete and are decorative, as decorative as you can make a sound barrier look.

The Sound Barriers along Route 280 in Harrison were initially wood with metal covers and are very simple in their construction and looks.  As the Sound Barriers aged, the New Jersey Department of Transportation did not replace the barriers with new ones but instead opted to use plywood to replace dilapidated sound barrier inserts. 

Nowhere else along Route 280 past Harrison are sound barriers neglected.  The sound barriers have been in a state of disrepair for years.  The current Harrison Administration does not care to use its political power to lobby the powers that be at the Department of Transportation to replace all of the sound barriers with new sound barriers and supports as necessary.  What would it take, one call to Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti, Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT)? 

If a call to Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti did not get the ball rolling a call to Assistant Commissioner Justin Braz would do the trick.  The Commissioner of NJDOT for sure drove past Harrison on her way to the North Portal Bridge Groundbreaking at the beginning of this month (August 1, 2022) in neighboring Kearny just outside the Harrison border but still on Harrison Avenue.The Groundbreaking was a Who's Who of Transportation experts and elected officials.

Some of the Sound Barriers are in such a state of disrepair that a strong storm may dislodge the sound barrier potentially causing someone to get hurt.

The Sound Barriers are not the responsibility of the Town of Harrison to maintain, repair or replace BUT the Town Administration should inform the New Jersey Department of Transportation and follow up on getting new Sound Barriers to avoid injury to the public and to provide a better impression of the Town of Harrison to those who reside in Harrison and those who are just visiting.

What are your thoughts on Harrison's Sound Barriers?  What’s your opinion on whether the Sound Barriers along Route 280 in Harrison should be upgraded and replaced? Let Us Know Your Thoughts on our Community Discussion Board.  If you have not signed up yet to participate you can Sign Up now.