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Mayor & Council Meeting Tues. Mar. 26, 2024: Are You Attending?

Mar 23, 2024
Town of Harrison NJ Council Chambers

The Mayor & Council of the Town of Harrison are set to convene for their regular meeting on Tuesday, March 26, 2024, beginning at 6:15 p.m. This session is slated to take place in the Conference Room on the Third Floor of the Harrison Town Hall, located at 318 Harrison Avenue. Notably, this location diverges from the traditional setting of the 2nd Floor Council Chambers, where meetings have historically been held. The reason for this venue change which has occurred over several meetings at this time has not been disclosed.  The Harrison Council Chambers is a much larger space both in ceiling height, width, and length and is available to be used but has not been so used for several Mayor & Council Meetings. It is a far better location for social distancing.

Third Floor Conference Room

Sale of Municipal Property: No List Provided

The Agenda for the upcoming meeting includes several resolutions and ordinances of importance to the town. One such item is a resolution authorizing the public sale of municipal property deemed no longer necessary for public use through The specific details of the properties to be sold have not been included in the agenda provided to the public. It is noted that a list of items is attached to the Agenda but it is not provided.

Ravo Street Sweeper

Another significant resolution on the docket is the awarding of a contract to Northeast Sweepers & Rentals, Inc. for the purchase of a new 2024 RAVO 5-iSeries street sweeper. The contract is valued at $286,869.20, signifying a substantial investment in the town's street cleaning capabilities. The RAVO street sweeper is the sweeper the Town of Harrison currently uses. It is not clear if the sweeper is a replacement sweeper or an addition to the fleet of street sweepers.

The meeting will also cover a resolution concerning a shared services agreement between the Town of Harrison and the Township of North Bergen. This agreement, initially established on January 1, 2021, for Health Officer services, is proposed to be renewed and expanded to include Registered Environmental Health Specialist services. The terms indicate that the services provided by North Bergen will be retroactively effective from July 1, 2023, with an annual fee of $70,000, payable in quarterly installments of $17,500. Furthermore, Harrison will compensate North Bergen for services rendered from July 1, 2023, to December 31, 2023, with an additional payment of $17,500. The agreement is set for the term from January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024, with provisions for automatic renewal unless terminated by either party. It is not clear what a Registered Environmental Health Specialist's responsibilities are.  Hopefully, there is an explanation provided at the Mayor & Council meeting.

Lupus Awareness Month

In recognition of public health initiatives, the Council will consider a resolution to designate May as Lupus Awareness Month. This resolution aims to raise awareness about lupus, promote research funding, and support efforts toward accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and ultimately, a cure for this disease.

Harrison 2024 Municipal Budget

Another agenda item is the introduction of the 2024 Municipal Budget for the Town of Harrison. Details of the budget and a user-friendly version of the budget were not included in the agenda package made available on the town's website, leaving those who might want to review it before the meeting in the dark.

Harrison Fire Department Chief & Table of Organization

Furthermore, the Council will review an ordinance related to the employment contract of Harrison Fire Chief Henry Richard, proposing a salary of $231,207 for 2024. Additionally, there is an ordinance aimed at increasing the size of the Fire Department to 50 firefighters.

Public Session: Our Democracy Only Works If You Participate

As the Town of Harrison prepares for this crucial meeting, stakeholders and residents are encouraged to participate and stay informed about the decisions that will shape the future of their community. Residents and stakeholders can ask questions during the Public Sessions and Ordinance Public Session periods.  The Town Clerk will announce when the public session periods.  Questions can be asked on items both on and off the Agenda.

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