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Joseph Supor Jr.'s Antique Fire Engine, Love of Parades & Harrison Fest

Aug 25, 2022
Joseph Supor Jr. Harrison Fest Parade Antique Fire Engine

Your Harrison has done several stories on Joseph Supor, Jr. and the company that he founded Joseph Supor & Sons.  Joseph Supor Jr. loved his Harrison community and sponsored throughout his life community events including Halloween Parades and of course Harrison Fest.

The cover photo is Joseph Supor Jr. driving an antique Fire Engine in one of Harrison Fest's Grand Parade.  You can see the joy in the crowd and Mr. Supor's demeanor captured on film.  Yes, film because the picture is a scan of a print from a 35 mm film camera.

The Observer Newspaper Front Page September 27, 2017

Harrison Fest started as a June event but transitioned into a mid-September three-day event along Harrison Avenue. The last Harrison Fest Parade and Street Festival was held in 2017. The Observer newspaper ran a front-page story with the headline "Diversity on Display" and the subtitle "Hugely successful Harrison Fest brings throngs from all over". The Observer's Editor and Journalist Kevin Canessa captured in words the essence of Harrison Fest with some great interviews and quotes.

At the end of the article, Canessa writes "And sure enough, now that Harrison Fest 2017 is complete, it’ll be time for Millan and his crew to get back to work … for Harrison Fest 2018" followed by a quote from then-Councilman and President of Harrison Fest Anselmo Millan “Next year, we will do this again,” Unfortunately for the community, Harrison Fest 2018 was canceled because Harrison Mayor James Fife despite publicly praising Anselmo Millan and his committee's work on a highly successful and enjoyable Harrison Fest 2017 would not allow Harrison Fest 2018 to take place after Councilman Millan became a candidate for Mayor of Harrison in the Primary Election in 2018.

Anselmo Millan has stated in a public statement that Harrison Fest Grand Parade and Street Festival are on hiatus. Although the Grand Parade and Street Festival are on hiatus, Millan and his volunteers have put together other Harrison Fest activities including Turkey Drives, and Children and Family Holiday parties at Christmas time with Santa Claus.  Anselmo Millan has continued to serve his community and hopes to be standing in the near future on Harrison Avenue enjoying a future Harrison Fest Grand Parade and Street Festival.

On Tuesday, November 8, 2022, Election Day,  Anselmo Millan will be on the ballot seeking to be elected Mayor of Harrison. If he wins the Mayor's seat, it is going to be a spectacular Harrison Fest 2023 for sure.

Harrison Fest 2016 Banner in Front of Harrison Town Hall

What do you think?  Does Joseph Supor, Jr. look like he is having a great time at the wheel of his antique fire engine?  Should Harrison Fest be canceled by the Town Administration just because its President then 2nd Ward Councilman Anselmo Millan was running for Mayor? Let Us Know Your Thoughts on our Community Discussion Board.  If you have not signed up yet to participate you can Sign Up now. Signing Up is for Free.

Photo Credit: The Observer Newspaper Frontpage

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