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How to Get A 2022 Harrison Parking Permit

Feb 06, 2022
Harrison NJ Police Vehicle
Due to safety restrictions put in place at the Police Department, all Harrison parking permits will be mailed to owners via US Postal service.  Upon completing the application and delivering it to the Harrison Police Department either in the drop box or via email, the application will be processed and once approved will be sent to you via mail.  As this process takes more time to complete expired stickers from 2021 will be honored through the month of February.  Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

For your convenience, on this page you will find parking permit forms. The following are ways in which you can submit the permit for processing:

  1. Print out the form, fill it out and bring it to the police Department. There is a silver mailbox located just outside the police department entrance on the Cleveland avenue side of the Town Hall Building. Place the application in the slot.
  2. Print and fill out the form and scan it to send via email to [email protected]
  3. Pick up a permit application outside the Police Department entrance. Fill out the form and place your completed application in the mailbox slot.

Once we receive your application and verify your information your 2022 permit (sticker) will be mailed to your address.  The email above can be used to ask any questions related to parking permits as this email will be checked daily by our Traffic Safety Bureau.