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HHS Parent Teacher Student Organization Breakfast Sat. Dec. 2, 2023

Nov 25, 2023
Harrison High School Parent Teacher Student Organization Breakfast

The Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) of Harrison High School has been a vital part of the local community since its inception. Known for bridging the gap between parents, teachers, and students, the organization has a rich history of fostering collaboration and support within the school environment. This December, the PTSO is hosting its much-anticipated annual Pancake Breakfast, a tradition that not only brings people together but also raises funds for crucial school programs.

Founding and Mission

Founded by a group of proactive parents and educators, Harrison High School's PTSO aimed to create a more inclusive and collaborative educational environment. The organization's mission is to enhance the educational experience by promoting positive relationships among parents, teachers, and students.

Through various initiatives and programs, the PTSO strives to provide resources and opportunities that support the school's academic and extracurricular objectives. Their mission plan includes facilitating open communication channels between the school and families, organizing events that encourage community building, and raising funds to support school projects and student activities.

Pancake Breakfast: A Community Tradition

The upcoming Pancake Breakfast, scheduled for Saturday, December 2, 2023, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., is more than just a fundraiser; it's a celebration of community spirit. Held annually, this event has become a beloved tradition for Harrison High School families and residents alike.

At just $5.00 per person, attendees can enjoy a delicious breakfast while socializing with fellow community members. The menu features a variety of pancakes, along with other breakfast staples to suit all tastes. The event is not only an opportunity for delicious food but also a time for parents, teachers, and students to connect outside of the classroom in a relaxed setting. The Breakfast will be held at the Harrison High School located at 401 Kingsland Avenue, Harrison NJ. You can purchase tickets for the Breakfast at the door and/or at Harrison HIgh School Main Office prior to the event.

Impact and Future Projects

The funds raised from the Pancake Breakfast and other PTSO events play a crucial role in supporting Harrison High School's initiatives.

Looking ahead, the PTSO is focused on expanding its efforts to include more student-led projects, aiming to empower students to take an active role in their education and community. With each successful event, like the Pancake Breakfast, the organization moves a step closer to achieving this goal, strengthening the bonds within the Harrison High School community.

The commitment of Harrison High School's PTSO to its mission of collaboration and community support stands as a testament to the power of collective effort in enriching educational experiences. The upcoming Pancake Breakfast is not just a fundraiser; it's a symbol of unity and the shared vision of a better future for students at Harrison High School.

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