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Harrison Weather Station Celebrates 40 Years

May 27, 2022

Harrison (NJ) has its own private weather station.  Since 1982, Anthony (Tony) Mondaro has been forecasting the weather.  His forecasts are known for their accuracy and detail.  Tony Mondaro takes his weather forecasting job very seriously.  Mondaro is not a big of hyping the weather.  He believes that hyping the weather can lead to residents of the metropolitan area not taking weather reports seriously.  Mondaro prefers to rely on data to forecast the weather.  He also prefaces his long-range weather forecasts indicating several possible scenarios depending on which track a particular storm could take.  As the storm gets closer, Mondaro updates the forecast with very accurate precision.  Mondaro’s weather station is called the Harrison Weather Center.

Mondaro started the Harrison Weather Center at his home in 1982 in Harrison NJ. The Harrison Weather Center has a webpage and a Facebook page you can follow to get storm updates and weather forecasts.  Facebook has over 4,900 followers.  The forecast for New Jersey this Memorial Day Weekend (2022) is as follows: Holiday Weekend Weather Outlook: Thursday: Mix of sun and clouds w/ high temperatures in the 70s - Thursday Night & Friday into Saturday: Rain and drizzle developing lows in the upper 50s to lower 60s - high temperatures in the 70s - Sunday and Monday, memorial day, mainly sunny highs in the lower 80s - HWC Ops.

The Harrison Weather Center has state-of-the-art equipment to record wind speed and wind gusts, rain and snow amounts, and lightning detection.  Mondaro works on weather forecasting on a part-time basis.  He is Chief of Emergency Medical Services in the Borough of North Arlington (NJ). Another job that takes precision and helps the public at large.  Mondaro was one of the essential workers who were on the front lines of Covid and still are till today.

The Harrison Weather Station does provide a subscription to individuals, municipalities, State agencies, and companies wanting accurate weather forecasting without hype.

The Harrison Weather Station also accepts donations from the public to defer the costs of running the weather station and maintaining and upgrading equipment. The donate click here.

Let us know what you think about Tony Mondaro’s forecasting and let Mondaro know how much you appreciate his accurate weather forecasting.  Join the Community on our Discussion Board.