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Harrison Residents Air Concerns at Community Policing Meeting

Apr 17, 2024
Harrison Residents Harrison Police Community Event

In a recent community policing meeting organized by the Harrison Police Department and held in the Cobalt Building, residents from Steelworks, Vermella Harrison, The Wyldies, and Cobalt Building voiced concerns over various community issues, particularly during Red Bull Arena events. The meeting, which was communicated to residents through building management rather than the Town of Harrison’s official website, drew a considerable turnout.

One of the central grievances discussed was residents' difficulty accessing their homes on game days. Many attendees expressed frustration with non-police traffic personnel, who reportedly misdirected them into needless loops around South Frank E. Rodgers Blvd. “It’s like being stuck in a bad comedy skit, except it’s real life and happening when you just want to get home,” commented one attendee. Harrison Police officers assured those present that they would re-enforce training for all traffic personnel to recognize resident access rights during such high-traffic events. However, It was revealed that the Hudson County Sheriff’s Department manages the traffic during Red Bull Arena events.

Tailgating Parties & Loud Noise

Compounding the traffic issues are the tailgating parties that begin in the early afternoon around 3 p.m. and persist till late evening around 11 p.m., alongside excessive noise outside of the Red Bull Arena that one resident, a sound stage expert, deemed harmful and potentially causing tinnitus. Residents made the point that the noise that they were complaining about was coming from loudspeakers in the exterior (not the interior) of the Red Bull Arena.  Not discussed was a new State of New Jersey law enacted last year that cracks down on loud music from vehicles which was signed into law and could be used to stop persons playing loud music in public.

Poor Lighting

Residents also raised concerns about poor lighting near the PATH Station tunnels and persistent litter problems left by game-day crowds in the neighborhood.

Left turn on Bergen Street

Moreover, a suggestion was put forth regarding traffic management enhancements, like adding a left turn on Bergen Street and better coordination of traffic lights in the neighborhood.

Lack of Attendance at Mayor & Council Meetings

An attendee at the meeting pointed out that some of the issues raised were not police matters but town administration issues that should be addressed to the Mayor & Council at one of their meetings.  Maybe some of the residents will come out to the next Harrison Mayor & Council meeting that will be held on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, at 6:15 p.m.

The session ended with a commitment from police representatives to address the concerns raised, with a focus on enhancing the quality of life for Harrison’s residents amidst ongoing urban redevelopment and bustling events scheduled at the nearby arena. There were 50 events last year.

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