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Harrison Redevelopment Meeting Now On Mon. Aug. 22, 2022 at 1 pm.

Aug 20, 2022
Urby Apartments Harrison NJ

The rescheduled Harrison Redevelopment Meeting will be held on Monday, August 22, 2022 at 1 p.m. There is no Agenda published as of Saturday, August 20, 2022.  The meeting will be held via Zoom video conferencing software. To attend the meeting log in before 1 p.m. using this Zoom link.  You can load the Zoom application on your phone and if you click the link, it will automatically use your Zoom App to access the meeting.

To join via a telephone, you can dial 1 646 876 9923 (you might not need the leading 1) and enter when prompted the Wedinar ID: 876 4195 6136 and Passcode 085501.  To raise your hand to speak press *9

The Harrison Redevelopment Agency was founded in 1999 to spearhead the redevelopment of former Industrial and Light Manufacturing properties in the Town of Harrison NJ into a residential community with mixed use properties and apartment buildings centered around the Harrison Path Station.

Although the Redevelopment Zone has transformed from its prior Industrial and Light Manufacturing past, the original plan which included Green Spaces and infrastructure improvements were not done and/or removed from the plan entirely by fourteen amendments to the Redevelopment Plan.  For more information on the Redevelopment Promises that were not fulfilled read Harrison Missing 4 of 5 Redevelopment Promises.

What are you thoughts on Harrison's Redevelopment and lack of Green Spaces?  What would you like the Harrison Redevelopment Agency to do first to improve SOHA (Southern Harrison) area of Harrison? Let Us Know Your Thoughts on our Community Discussion Board.  If you have not signed up yet to participate you can Sign Up now.