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Harrison Police Dept Hosts Dey St. Pizza with a Cop Mon. Oct. 30, 2023

Oct 29, 2023
Harrison NJ Police Badge

The Harrison NJ Police Department is once again reaching out to its community, this time with a slice of pizza in hand. On Monday, October 30, 2023, from 6-8 pm, residents are invited to join local law enforcement officers for the "Pizza with a Cop" event. The gathering will take place on Dey Street in Harrison, between Warren Street and Bergen Street.

This event is not just about sharing a meal; it's about building bridges. The "Pizza with a Cop" initiative is part of a broader effort by the Harrison Police Department to foster positive relationships with the community it serves. By hosting these events in each of Harrison's four wards, the department aims to create an open dialogue with residents, allowing them to get to know the officers who patrol their neighborhoods and ensuring that the police force remains approachable and responsive.

For many residents, this will be a unique opportunity to meet and interact with the officers in a relaxed and informal setting. Beyond the casual conversations, the event also provides a platform for community members to voice their concerns, discuss quality-of-life issues, and offer suggestions on how the police department can better serve their needs.

The Harrison Police Department believes that effective policing is a collaborative effort. By understanding the needs and concerns of the community, the department can tailor its strategies and initiatives to address specific issues, ensuring a safer and more harmonious environment for all.

These community outreach events have been well-received in the past, with many residents appreciating the effort the police department is making to be more accessible and transparent. The "Pizza with a Cop" event is expected to be no different, with a good turnout anticipated.

So, if you're a resident of Harrison, mark your calendars for October 30th. Come down to Dey Street between Warren St. and Jersey St., grab a slice of pizza, and engage in meaningful conversations with the officers of the Harrison Police Department. It's a step towards a stronger, more united community.

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