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Harrison NJ Resident Wins 76K on Wheel of Fortune

Jan 12, 2023

Harrison NJ resident Rachael Safier won $76,774 during her appearance on Wheel of Fortune this last Tuesday, January 10, 2023.  Safier ended the night by winning $40k in the Bonus Round by strategically picking her letters and then deciphering “I BOUGHT IT ON A WHIM”.  The phrase was not easy but Safier has had years of practice and deployed her strategy on the selection of her letters. Three of the four letters she picked were in the phrase. She made it look easy but you could tell from the reaction of the hosts of Wheel of Fortune Pat Sajak and Vanna White that they were impressed with her ability to decipher the phrase from the available letters. The hosts have seen a lot of phrase solving through the years.

Safier’s family watched Wheel of Fortune on a nightly basis and practiced their phrase solving skills at the same time. Safier continued the family tradition which lead to her successful appearance on the show.  Her family members must be very proud.

You can see Safier solve the Bonus Round phrase by clicking on the video on the top of this page.  You can also see the entire Wheel of Fortune show where Safier appeared by clicking here.

Safier was accompanied by her fiance Eddie to the show and he appeared on stage with her after her win.  Safier is a Vice Principal of school in Newark NJ.

In order to get on the show, contestants must audition.  Contestants used to have to audition in person but now you can audition virtually.  If you are interested in becoming a contestant on Wheel of Fortune you can submit your contestant application through this link.

Are you a Wheel of Fortune fan?  How wonderful is it to have a local Wheel of Fortune contestant who used her phrase solving skills to pick up over 76k.  It’s not the Mega Million Dollar Lottery but it takes a lot more skill to win on Wheel of Fortune than it does to win the Mega Million Dollar Lottery.  A lot more luck is involved in the Mega than Wheel of Fortune.

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