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Harrison Mayor & Council Meeting Tues. May 21, 2024: Bring Your Ideas

May 20, 2024
Harrison Town Hall Council Chambers

The Mayor and Council of the Town of Harrison are scheduled to hold a meeting on Tuesday, May 21, 2024, at 6:30 p.m., preceded by a caucus at 6:15 p.m. Both are open to the Public. The meeting will take place in the Mayor's Conference Room located on the 3rd Floor of the Harrison Town Hall at 318 Harrison Avenue. If the number of attendees exceeds the room's capacity, the meeting will be relocated to the larger Mayor & Council Chambers on the 2nd Floor, which is traditionally used for these gatherings.

The agenda for the meeting includes several important resolutions and ordinances. Among the highlights:

Legal Resolutions

  1. Re-Appointments to the Housing Authority:
    • James P. Doran, term expiring June 6, 2029
    • Dawn Kinsella, term expiring June 6, 2029

James Doran, is a Councilman of 4th Ward in Harrison, the Director of Personnel for the Harrison School District, Commissioner of the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission (PVSC), and Chairman of the Harrison Democratic Party, is expected to be re-appointed as Chairperson of the Harrison Housing Authority.

  1. Renovations to the Harrison Community Center:
    • Awarding a contract to George Koustas Painting & Construction LLC for $284,000.00 for gymnasium and exterior steps and sidewalk construction at the Harrison Community Center
    • .
  2. Installation of Double Station Garbage Receptacles:
    • Awarding a contract to BigBelly Solar for up to $30,000.00 for new garbage receptacles with message panels, funded by the Clean Communities Grant.
  3. Approval of Bingo License:
    • Approving a bingo license for the Harrison Cancer League, Inc. for an event on June 14, 2024, at Our Lady of Czestochowa, 115 S Third St.

Ordinance Adoption

  • Salary Increases for Police Department:
    • Ordinance No. 1508 amends previous ordinances to provide salary increases for members of the Harrison Police Department, PBA Local 22A.

Finance Resolutions

  1. Engineering Services Contract:
    • Awarding a non-fair and open contract to Desman Design Management for $47,000.00 for engineering services for the maintenance of the Harrison Parking Center.
  2. Upgraded Cloud-Based Phone System:
    • Awarding a contract to Monmouth Internet Corp (Monmouth Telecom) for up to $20,000.00 for an upgraded cloud-based phone system to leverage new technology.
  3. Payment of Bills and Payrolls:
    • Authorizing the Chief Financial Officer to pay bills and payrolls for May 2024 and ratifying payrolls for April 2024.

Public Session

The meeting will be an important opportunity for residents to engage with their local government and stay informed about significant community developments. Residents are encouraged to attend and participate, with provisions in place to accommodate a larger audience if necessary. There is a Public Session period where any person can ask questions, offer up an idea, or make a comment on any issues involving the Town of Harrison.  Each person is allocated 5 minutes which can be increased at the discretion of the Mayor.

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