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Harrison Mayor & Council Meeting Scheduled for Tues. June 18, 2024

Jun 17, 2024
Harrison Town Hall Harrison NJ

 The Mayor and Council of the Town of Harrison will convene for a meeting on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, at the Harrison Town Hall, located at 318 Harrison Avenue, Harrison, NJ. The caucus session will begin at 6:15 p.m., followed by the regular session at 6:30 p.m. The public is encouraged to attend the meeting and participate during the Public Session, where individuals can ask questions, make statements, and request that the Mayor and Council address issues of concern.

Agenda Highlights

The meeting agenda is packed with significant items, including resolutions, ordinances, and other municipal matters. Some of the key agenda items are:

  1. Approval of Minutes:
    • Approval of the minutes from the meetings held on May 21, 2024, and May 31, 2024, Special Noon Meeting was noticed one day prior. These minutes however are not published to the Town of Harrison and do not include the details of Public Sessions. The Town of Harrison public meetings are not videotaped or recorded. The Minutes are only a summary of what resolutions and ordinances were passed.


  1. Legal Resolutions:
    • A resolution amending a contract with A & J Contractors Group, Inc. for roadway improvements.
    • A resolution authorizing execution of a Green Acres Park Stewardship Agreement.
    • A resolution authorizing a shared services agreement with the Hudson County Office of Emergency Management for the sharing of a Rapid Response Fire/Rescue Utility Task Vehicle
    • A resolution endorsing the Policemen's Park Playground Rehabilitation.


  1. Licenses: Approval of ABC license renewals for the 2024-2025 license term:
    • Elda & Arlindo Enterprises Inc (Steve’s Liquors): 219 Harrison Avenue
    • Harby Lounge LLC (The Vanguard): 705 So. Frank E. Rodgers Blvd
    • Centro Romeu Cascaes Inc. (Centro Romeu Cascaes): 14 No. Frank E. Rodgers Blvd.
    • Nobres Enterprises LLC (Joia Restaurant): 1100 So. Frank E. Rodgers Blvd (across the street from future Toxic Sludge Plant)
    • Ronanj 5 LLC (Golden Beer & Liquor): 614 Harrison Avenue
    • La Fiamma Inc.:(No Trade Name on File) 440 Harrison Avenue
    • El Embrujo LLC (B-52 Bar & Grill): 200 North 2nd Street
    • Vinnies Allstar Bar & Grill Inc (Vinnie’s Allstar Bar & Grill): 215 Manor Avenue
    • Harrison Liquor Licensee LLC (Charley’s): 200 Angelo Cifelli Drive
    • Harrison Café Liquor License LLC (Coperaco Café): 777 South 3rd Street
    • Takorean Inc (Takorea): 805 So. Frank E. Rodgers Blvd.
    • Suprita LLC (Brothers Supermarket): 311 Harrison Avenue
    • Harrison Leisure LLC (Harrison Green Room): 203 So. Frank E. Rodgers Blvd.
    • ODonnell James (O’Donnell’s Pub): 233 Harrison Avenue
    • Urban Tandoor LLC: (No Trade Name on File)  206 Harrison Avenue
    • Arlindo J Calva Enterprises Inc. (El Meson De Luis): 217 Harrison Avenue
    • Harrison East Newark Elks 2326 (Harrison/East Newark Elks 2326): 406 Harrison Avenue
    • Excel Holdings 11 LLC (Hampton Inn & Suites at Harrison/Newark Riverwalk): 100 Passaic Avenue
    • Harrison Hotel Liquor LLC (Element Harrison/Newark): 399 Somerset Street


  1. Ordinances:
    • Ordinance No. 1509: Appropriating $750,000 for repairs to the Town Garage.
    • Ordinance No. 1510: Appropriating $300,000 for improvements to the water distribution system.
    • Ordinance No. 1511: Appropriating $3,560,000 for various items as follows:
    • Adoption of several ordinances, including:

Public Works

Heavy Equipment / Vehicles

$          350,000.00

Buildings & Grounds

Improvements to Town Owned Buildings

$          100,000.00

Buildings & Grounds

Improvements to Traffic Division

$            50,000.00

Buildings & Grounds

Improvements to the Detective Bureau

$            35,000.00

Buildings & Grounds

Improvements to the EMS Building

$          290,000.00

Buildings & Grounds

Improvements to the Exterior of the HFD Entrance

$            15,000.00

Buildings & Grounds

Refund Affordable Housing 709-711 & 717-719 Harrison Ave

$        1,050,000.00

Construction / Engineering

Davis Avenue Median Reconstruction

$          600,000.00

Construction / Engineering

Road Resurfacing

$          200,000.00

Construction / Engineering

Resurfacing Sussex Street Garage

$            35,000.00

Construction / Engineering

Demolition Cleveland Avenue Properties

$          835,000.00



$        3,560,000.00


    • Introduction of new ordinances, including:
      • Ordinance No. 1512: Amending the employment contract of Chief of Police David Strumolo and providing salary increases:
      • 03/01/2024 — 02/28/2025: $251,000 annually
      • 03/01/2025 — 02/28/2026: $256,020 annually
      • 03/01/2026 — 02/28/2027: $261,140 annually
      • Ordinance No. 1513: Amending the ordinance concerning civil service employees or  Public Health Investigator-Bilingual English & Spanish or salary range of $15,000 and $84,896.00
  1. Finance Resolutions:
    • Authorizing the insertion of items of revenue and appropriations in the 2024 municipal budget.
    • Authorizing redemption of outside liens.
    • Approval of payment of bills and payrolls.

Public Session and Community Concerns

A critical aspect of the meeting will be the Public Session, where community members can voice their concerns. Not on the Agenda but likely to be a hot topic is the proposed Toxic Sludge Plant by the EPA at the PSE&G property on South Frank E. Rodgers Blvd. This site, currently a residential community with retail stores and luxury apartments, has raised significant concerns among residents regarding health, safety, and property values. Notably, Mayor James Fife, and Councilman James Doran, have expressed their support for the Toxic Sludge Plant, which has added to the community's unease. Other Council members have remained silent or stated that they know nothing about the project but will not contact the EPA despite being provided with the name of the project manager Alice Yeh of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The June 18 meeting is an essential forum for Harrison residents to engage with their local government. Attendees are encouraged to participate actively, especially in the Public Session, to ensure their voices are heard on critical issues such as the proposed Toxic Sludge Plant. The Mayor and Council's decisions will have lasting impacts on the community, making it vital for residents to stay informed and involved. The meeting will likely not take longer than one hour.

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