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Harrison HS ‘Schoolhouse Rock Live!’ Thurs.. 3/30 thru Sat. 4/1

Mar 24, 2023
Harrison High School Cast School House Rock Play

 Are you looking for an exciting and educational way to spend a night out with the family? Then, Harrison High School's upcoming performance of ‘Schoolhouse Rock Live!’ is just what you're searching for. This musical provides lots of entertainment value as well as some quality lessons that parents can be sure their kids are taking home after seeing it. With so much on offer here, it's no wonder why this show has become a popular choice among school groups, parents, and kids alike. The performances will be Thursday, March 30, 2023, thru Saturday, April 1, 2023, at 7 p.m. at the Harrison High School Auditorium located at 401 Kingsland Avenue, Harrison NJ.

The students of Harrison High School are thrilled to present their production of ‘Schoolhouse Rock Live!’ with the assistance of the Paper Mill Playhouse Adopt A School Program.  Harrison High School is in the 2nd Year of the Paper Mill Playhouse program which provides professional support and training. With months of preparation, these talented students have put in a tireless effort to bring the classic songs and characters to life. From “Conjunction Junction” to “I’m Just a Bill,” these timeless tunes will have you tapping your feet and singing along.

Step right up, folks! Prepare to be dazzled by the sights and sounds of an unforgettable show! You can expect a magical experience that will leave the entire family with big smiles and happy hearts. The stage will come alive with an array of colorful costumes, lively music, and energetic dancing. So what are you waiting for? Come and join the fun!

Tickets are available here and are $10.00 for Adults and $5.00 per student.

The Director is Colin Shield. The Musical Director is Danny Conde and Milton Velez is the Producer.

The Cast of HHS's School House Rock:

Angelo Herrera (Tom)

Paulina Rodrigues  (Dori)

Rodrigo Burgo (George)

Yeimy Rodriguez (Dina)

Arianna Solari (Shulie)

Moises Bueso  (Joe)

Theresarose Mondaro (Elvis)

Sabrina Persaud (Ensemble)

Angie Rios (Ensemble)

Amy Ullrich (Ensemble)

Juliana Soeira (Ensemble)

Lollys Barrera (Ensemble)

Naomy Rivera (Ensemble)

Sebastian Du (Ensemble)

Michelle Pereira (Ensemble)

Join the Community, Leave us Your Thoughts on Our Discussion Board. Signing Up is Free. Let us know what you thought of the play and who was your favorite song and/or character.  How great is it that the Paper Mill Playhouse is taking part in the Harrison High School Drama Club.

Photo Credit: Milton Velez