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Harrison High School Band Shines at United Irish St Patrick Day Parade

Apr 02, 2024
Harrison High School Band Harrison NJ

In a display of musical prowess and community spirit, the Harrison High School Marching Band took to the streets as part of the annual United Irish St. Patrick's Day Parade on Sunday, March 10, 2024. This year’s parade, a revered tradition in the community, saw a vibrant procession that wove its way through Harrison, East Newark, and Kearny, NJ, drawing crowds from across the region to celebrate Irish heritage and culture. We have been trying to capture it all. 

The Harrison High School Marching Band added a significant layer of enthusiasm to the parade. The band has improved over the years both in performance and musical talent. Its members are students from diverse backgrounds, the band embodies the spirit of unity and perseverance, traits that resonate well with the values celebrated during St. Patrick's Day. 

The United Irish Associations of West Hudson, the organizing body behind the parade, has a long history of fostering Irish culture and community engagement in Kearny, NJ, and its neighboring areas. Established to promote the rich Irish heritage and contribute to the local community's social and economic welfare, the United Irish Association has expanded its role and has been instrumental in bringing together people of all backgrounds to celebrate and appreciate Irish culture. 

This year's parade not only served as a platform for the Harrison High School Marching Band to showcase its talent but also highlighted the enduring bonds between the schools and communities in Harrison, East Newark, and Kearny. As the band marched through the streets onlookers were treated to a performance that was both heartwarming and exhilarating. 

As the Harrison High School Marching Band continues to grow and evolve, its participation in events like the United Irish St. Patrick's Day Parade stands as a testament to the power of music and community in bringing people together. We look forward to future opportunities to engage with and contribute to documenting the community’s cultural celebrations. 

By celebrating heritage and fostering unity, the United Irish St. Patrick's Day Parade and the participation of groups like the Harrison High School Marching Band continue to strengthen the social fabric of Harrison, East Newark, and Kearny, making the annual event a cherished tradition for all involved. 

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