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Harrison Grocery and Meat Store Sells Winning $100,000 Lottery Ticket

Mar 01, 2024
NJ Lottery Prize Top Prize Harrison NJ

In an exciting announcement from the New Jersey Lottery Commission, a fortunate player has struck gold, winning the top prize of $100,000 this month. The winning ticket was part of the popular $5 "10X Multiplier Scratch Off" game and was purchased at the Harrison Grocery and Meat Store, located at 312 Harrison Avenue in Harrison, NJ.

This win is part of a trio of top prizes for the 10X Multiplier Scratch-Off game, with the other $100,000 prizes claimed at the Country Farm store in Farmingdale, NJ, and Crescent Liquor Wine & Beer store in Camden, NJ. These wins have brought a wave of excitement across the state, highlighting the allure and potential of the New Jersey Lottery's offerings. One wonders how the State Lottery distributes so many lottery tickets throughout the state.

The Harrison Grocery and Meat Store

The 10X® Bingo Multiplier game is a unique, two-part, vertically oriented game that offers players a blend of traditional bingo with a thrilling multiplier bonus. The first part features a Caller’s Card with thirty-two numbers and five bonus numbers under scratch-off material. Players match these numbers on any of the eight Bingo Cards to win. Winning patterns include a complete horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line, all four corners, or a complete "X" pattern. The second part of the game, the Multiplier Bonus allows winners to scratch off a box to reveal a multiplier ranging from 1X to 10X, potentially multiplying their winnings on the Bingo Cards.

With more than $11.7 million in prizes and approximately 4.2 million 10X® Bingo Multiplier tickets initially released, the game offers a generous 64% of gross receipts, net of free tickets, to prizes. This means that on average, better than 1 ticket in 5 wins a prize, making it a game that promises excitement and potentially life-changing wins for its players.

The trademark "10X," is owned and used with the permission of the Multi-State Lottery Association. With the possibility of additional tickets being introduced, the New Jersey Lottery ensures that the prize levels and winning frequency will remain consistent with the initial offering. There are no more $100,000 prizes for the 10X® Bingo Multiplier card game.  You should check the NJ Lottery website for the particular Scratch-Off game you want to play to determine what cash prizes are still available in the pool of Scratch-Offs that are currently available.  Of interest, the Harrison Grocery & Meats store is featured as the main photo on Your Harrison’s Grocery Store page.

These recent wins have not only brought joy to the lucky individuals but have also shone a spotlight on the New Jersey Lottery's diverse and engaging range of games. As players across the state continue to try their luck, the dream of hitting the big win remains alive and well in the heart of New Jersey. We are glad that one of Harrison’s lottery locations was a lucky location and the winner is enjoying his good luck.

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