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Harrison Fire Dept. Honors Fallen Hero at St. Patrick's Day Parade 2024

Mar 11, 2024
Harrison NJ Fire Engine

In a heartfelt tribute that echoed through the streets of West Hudson, the Harrison Fire Department marked this year's United Irish St. Patrick's Day Parade with a solemn yet proud procession. Firefighters, clad in their sharp dress uniforms, marched in unison, carrying a flag to remember and honor the legacy of Firefighter Vincent Doffont Jr., who tragically passed away two years ago in March 2022 at the Harrison Fire Department's Headquarters following an off-site training exercise

The loss of Firefighter Doffont, a respected and beloved member of the department, has been deeply felt within the community. His dedication to service and his unwavering commitment to the safety of Harrison's residents have left an indelible mark on the hearts of those he worked with and served. The parade provided a poignant platform for the department and the community to come together in remembrance of a hero who gave his all in the line of duty.

In a notable departure from previous years, the Harrison Fire Department showcased two of its fire engines in the parade, opting to switch out its newest Fire Engine and Ladder Truck, which typically led the procession, with a new and an older Engine. This decision brought a nostalgic charm to the event, allowing the older fire apparatus to bask in the limelight of the St. Patrick's Day celebration. The most vintage fire engine in the parade from 1941 was from the East Newark Volunteer Fire Department but that Engine is retired from going on actual fire calls.  

The parade, a vibrant display of Irish heritage and culture, was further enriched by the presence of the Harrison Fire Department, whose members carried themselves with dignity and grace. Their tribute to Firefighter Doffont Jr. was a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by those who dedicated their lives to protecting others.

As the community of Harrison came together to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the memory of Firefighter Vincent Doffont Jr. and the valor of all firefighters were at the forefront of the festivities. The Harrison Fire Department's participation in the parade was not just a march but a moving testament to the bonds of brotherhood, sacrifice, and the enduring spirit of those who serve.  It was also a time for the children along the route to say “I want to be a Firefighter when I grow up”.

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