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Harrison FD Backyard Bush Fire Call Turns Into Extensive Interior Fire

Aug 24, 2022
Engine 3 of Harrison NJ Fire Department

The Harrison Fire Department got a call for a brush fire in the back yard of a house on the 300 block of Ann Street in Harrison. Upon arrival there was no fire visible from the street but when the Harrison firefighters along with Tour 4 Battalion Chef Greenemeier reached the rear of the building they found that the brush fire was the remnants of a bigger fire that had made its way into the walls in the rear of the building.

Battalion Chief Greenemeier upgraded the bush fire designation to a working fire.  The designation of a working fire brought the East Newark Volunteer Firefighters to the scene and the Kearny Fire Department as mutual aid.  The Jersey City Fire Department sent units to provide fire coverage for the Town of Harrison until the Harrison Firefighters returned to their Firehouse.

The Harrison, East Newark and Kearny Fire Department worked together to make an aggressive interior attack of the fire with three separate interior water lines.  Firefighters went onto the room to strategically cut through the roof of the building to vent the fire (allow smoke to escape much like a chimney allows smoke to vent out of a building).  All occupants were safely evacuated without incident prior to all the extinguishing of the fire.  The full extent of the fire damage is not known or the cause of the fire which is under investigation. No foul play is indicated at this time.

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