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Happy Mother's Day 2024: Celebrations Around the World

May 12, 2024
Mothers Day 2024 Your Harrison Graphic

This Sunday, May 12, marks Mother's Day, an occasion set aside annually to honor and celebrate the profound influence of mothers. With roots in the United States, the holiday has been embraced globally, each country adding its own cultural touch and traditions. Here's a look at how Mother’s Day came about and how it is celebrated in different parts of the world, including Portugal, Spain, and countries across South America.

Origin of Mother's Day

The establishment of Mother's Day in the United States is credited to Anna Jarvis, who conceived the idea as a way to honor individual mothers after the death of her own mother in 1905. Anna envisioned a day of personal celebration between mothers and families, emphasizing the role of the mother in the family. Her dedication led to President Woodrow Wilson officially declaring the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day in 1914.

International Celebrations

While the American version of Mother's Day has influenced numerous countries, many have intertwined the holiday with their own traditions and customs:

  • Spain and Portugal celebrate Mother’s Day on the first Sunday of May. In these predominantly Catholic countries, the day is also associated with the Virgin Mary. Churches host special services, and the day is marked with much warmth and community spirit, with children presenting their mothers with gifts and handmade tokens of appreciation.
  • South American Celebrations: The tradition of honoring mothers is vibrant and deeply rooted across South America, with each country marking the day in its unique way:
    • Argentina celebrates Día de la Madre on the third Sunday of October. Unlike in the U.S., this celebration is associated with the beginning of spring, and families often gather for large barbecues.
    • Brazil also sets aside the second Sunday of May for this special day, similar to the U.S. It's one of the most commercial holidays in the country, known for gatherings and festive meals, emphasizing the importance of family.
    • Peru has a poignant addition to the celebrations with a special focus on mothers who have passed away. Many people visit cemeteries, bringing flowers and spending time near the graves of their deceased mothers, blending celebration with remembrance.
  • Thailand marks Mother's Day on the birthday of Queen Sirikit, August 12, honoring her as the mother of the nation. This national holiday features ceremonies and festivities that reflect the country's deep respect for its monarch.

Beyond Commercialization

Despite the commercialization that has enveloped Mother's Day in many parts of the world, at its heart, the day remains a poignant reminder of the significant role mothers play in shaping societies and nurturing families. Anna Jarvis's original vision of a simple, heartfelt appreciation of mothers might have evolved, but the essence of showing gratitude and love remains unchanged.

As Mother's Day 2024 arrives, it provides an opportunity for reflection on how motherhood is universally celebrated and revered. Whether through quiet breakfasts in bed, festive gatherings, or solemn acts of remembrance, Mother’s Day ties together the global community in acknowledging the enduring spirit and love of mothers everywhere.

Your Harrison wishes our readers a very Happy Mother’s Day, a day to honor Mothers throughout our community for all they do for us.

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