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Avoid Harrison’s Property Tax & Water Sale, Check The List

Nov 26, 2022
Lincoln School Harrison NJ

The Town of Harrison will be conducting a Property Tax / Water and Sewer Bill Sale on Thursday, December 15, 2022 at 11 a.m. in the Town Hall Municipal Court Chambers.  The Town of Harrison has published a list of property owners with the address of their property and the amount owed.

The Town of Harrison sells the right to collect the monies owed to the Town of Harrison for property taxes and water and sewer bills (called a tax lien) to third parties.  Theses third parties are usually investors who are purchasing the tax lien to collect the original amount owed plus interest that could be as high as 18 percent.  These third party investors could, if everything falls into place just right, end up owning the real property that the lien is on outright.

A municipal lien could even set aside a mortgage.  If you have a mortgage on your property, the bank will usually escrow for property taxes and monitor water and sewer bill payments to ensure that no tax lien is placed on the property.  The bank wants to make sure that its Mortgage is not overtaken by a Tax Lien for failure to pay Property Taxes and/or Water and Sewer bills.

So take a moment to use this link to review the most current list of properties in the Town of Harrison that are on the Tax Lien sale list.  Some properties on the list could simply be properties where the owner simply forgot to pay the property taxes and/or the water and sewer bill.  If you find yourself on the list, you can pay your property taxes and/or water and sewer bill and your property will be taken off the list.  Even if you are reading this article after the December 15, 2022 auction date, you can contact Anna M. Nicosia, the Harrison Tax Collector, to determine what amount you need to pay to redeem the Property Tax lien and stop the interest and clock on the Third Party lien purchasers right to take your property.

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