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Are You Hungry? Harrison Has Plenty Of Great Restaurants To Eat At

Feb 15, 2024
Harrison Restaurants Page Cover

If you are hungry, Your Harrison wants you to explore its Restaurant page which features a diverse array of restaurants in Harrison, New Jersey, showcasing the rich culinary scene of the area. From Asian comfort food at Tiam Tiam to the authentic Portuguese experience at Joia Restaurant, also from the Iberian Peninsula is the Spanish Pavillion which provides Spanish food and a full bar and must try Sangria. The variety includes everything from breakfast spots like Tops Diner which is actually in the Borough of East Newark to Italian cuisine at La Fiamma, and even fusion experiences at Urban Tandoor. Let us not forget the Chinatown Restaurant providing authentic, fine Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Another breakfast place is Cafe Mil Hojas which has Breakfast, Lunch, and Smoothies.

La Fiamma is not the only Italian Restaurant in Town.  Gina’s Pizzeria on North Frank E. Rodgers; Nino’s Pizzeria at the Harrison Plaza Mall. La Pizza on the corner of North 3rd Street and Harrison Avenue and Ah’ Pizza on South Rodgers by the Path Station.  Vinnie’s All-Star Bar & Grill provides Comfort Food and you guessed it some drinks. The Green Room (bar) provides Casual Food and drinks as well.  If you are craving Mexican Food try out Frida Restaurant on Harrison Avenue’s eastern side. For the Cubans and Cubans at heart, there is Patria y Comida on North Rodgers.  In the heart of SOHA is a Vienese Food & Cocktail / Drinks Restaurant, Charley which has gotten grand reviews located on Angelo Cifelli Drive.

The Town of Harrison’s diversity shows because we are not done with our list of Restaurants in Harrison. There is Paella Café which has Mexican and Spanish food also on North Rodgers.  For coffee and some snacks, Copercao Expresso Bar is at the center of SOHA at the luckiest address and in a great building, the Urby, located at 777 South 3rd Street.  Copercao Expresso Bar and the Urby building graces this website's front page.

Harrison also has a Colombian Restaurant, Parceros, located just passed Harrison Avenue on North Rodgers.  The Dominicans have the Boca Chica restaurant across from the Harrison Town Hall on Harrison Avenue. Another Peruvian restaurant, Mi Flor de la Canela, took over the location of the Cordillera Restaurant, on Harrison Avenue.

If you are looking for Fast Food, you have a choice of Wendy’s across from the Harrison Plaza Mall on Bergen Street and Burger King which has parking on the Corner of Harrison Avenue and Joseph Supor Blvd. Five Guys is at 701 South Rodgers Blvd. next to the Harrison Path Station.

Each restaurant listed offers a glimpse into their unique flavors, with links to menus and contact information for ordering available on their websites or social media. Supporting local restaurants in Harrison is a great way to enjoy delicious meals while contributing to the local economy. For more details on these restaurants and to view their menus, visit the Your Harrison’s Restaurant page.

There is plenty of variety in Harrison.  There are thirty restaurants in total from the newest restaurant, Vitality Bowls which has great tasty health food to a restaurant founded in 1963 and moved to its current location in 1976, the Spanish Pavilion with great food and service. Not to mention an outside El Patio for those summer nights. The Spanish Pavillion also has a full bar and a party room that can be reserved.

To further explore the culinary landscape of Harrison, NJ additional restaurants worth mentioning include the vibrant and newly opened Vitality Bowl at Harrison Plaza Mall, which offers a fresh and innovative dining experience. Alongside Vitality Bowl, Harrison boasts a wide range of dining options that cater to various tastes and preferences, including traditional cuisines, contemporary eateries, and quaint cafes. Each establishment brings its unique flavor to the city, promising memorable meals whether you're in the mood for classic comfort food, exotic dishes, or gourmet offerings. For a comprehensive list of Harrison's dining destinations, including details on menus, locations, and how to order, visit the Your Harrison Restaurant Page. Supporting these local restaurants not only provides a gastronomic delight but also contributes significantly to the community's vibrancy and economy.

If we missed your favorite restaurant, let us know by using our Submit A Restaurant feature so we can get it on the Restaurant Page.  Thank you in advance.

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