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What Co.'s Deadly Dessert Serves Up Laughs, Mystery & Sold Out Shows

Mar 22, 2024
What Co. Deadly Dessert Sold Out

In an enthralling mix of confectionery competition and sleuthing suspense, the West Hudson Arts & Theatre Company (WHAT Co.) has unveiled a masterpiece with Deadly Dessert Championship. This riveting murder mystery, crafted by the talented Allyssa Hynes, has whipped up a frenzy in Harrison, NJ, with every ticket for its performances on March 22 and 23, 2024, snatched up by eager theatergoers. The stage, set in the evocative former Holy Cross Grammar School, becomes a battleground for baking brilliance and detective work, where the line between audience and actor deliciously blurs.

The Ensemble: A Mélange of Characters

The success of Deadly Dessert Championship owes much to its dynamic cast, whose portrayal of quirky competitors and critical judges brings the play's humor and intrigue to life. Iman Abdul shines as Riley, the stylish and engaging host of the show, guiding the audience through the twists and turns of the plot with a charismatic presence.

Jae Lynn Garcia steps into the shoes of Becky, a contestant whose ambition is matched only by her baking skills, while Dylan Myers plays Sonny, another competitor whose sunny disposition hides competitive secrets. The judging panel adds a rich layer of complexity, with Nelson DePasquale's Jeffrey delivering cutting critiques that stir the pot, Maggie Madere's Cora offering insightful observations with a mysterious undertone, and Ed Shea's George rounding out the panel with a blend of wisdom and wit.

The heart of the show lies in its bakers, a diverse group with aspirations as varied as their recipes. Arthur Carlson's Tom, Emily Amadeo's Megan, Roman Koster's Damien, and Lillian Mayo's Ivy, alongside Lauren Proda's Candy, Denise Organisciak's Jennifer, John Fraissinet's Frank, and Joseph Jones's Kale, create a tapestry of characters whose interactions are as flavorful as the desserts they craft.

Beyond Baking: A Story of Community and Creativity

Deadly Dessert Championship transcends the bounds of traditional theater, engaging its audience in a narrative that's part murder mystery and part social commentary. The interactive format, inviting viewers to become part of the story, highlights WHAT Co.'s innovative approach to theater, making art accessible and immersive.

The cast's diversity and dynamic performances reflect the organization's commitment to inclusivity and representation, showcasing the talent within the Harrison community and beyond. This production not only entertains but also fosters a sense of belonging and contribution among the audience and performers alike.

A Sweet Success

As the curtain falls on Deadly Dessert Championship, it's clear that WHAT Co. has crafted a recipe for success that combines engaging storytelling, talented acting, and community spirit. This production sets a new standard for local theater, promising more groundbreaking performances in the future. Through laughter, suspense, and a dash of culinary disaster, Deadly Dessert Championship not only delights the senses but also brings a community together in appreciation of the arts.

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