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TBT: Harrison Fest Grand Parade & Street Festival

Apr 06, 2022
Chinese American Club of Harrison NJ

Throw Back Thursday.  Today we are featuring the Harrison Fest Grand Parade & Street Festival. The Harrison Fest was founded in 1995.  From its humble beginning as a small gathering of Harrisonians, Harrison Fest has grown into an event that attracts not only Harrison residents but people from throughout New Jersey. 

Harrison Fest provides something for everyone.  If you like a Grand Parade, a Street Fest, Live Music, Cultural Dancing Groups, and various Ethnic Foods, Harrison Fest has it. 

The founder of Harrison Fest is former Councilman Anselmo Millan who took what was a small gathering of Harrisonians to an annual destination for all the above.  He has received praise and accolades for not just the Grand Parade and Street Festival but also a Queens Gala bringing together 26 different countries in an event that educates others on different cultures through dance and traditional dress of each country.

Former Councilman Anselmo Millan in the Center of Dignitaries just before the Grand Parade Kickoff in Harrison Fest 2016

Harrison Fest has been on hiatus as far as the Grand Parade & Street Festival but former Councilman Anselmo Millan hopes that it will return in 2023.  In the interim, Harrison Fest under the direction of Anselmo and with help of volunteers has conducted Turkey Drives and Holiday Partys for Children and needy families even through Covid by holding these events outside and masking.

Harrison Fest celebrates the rich multicultural backgrounds that make Harrison the great Town that it is.  One weekend a year we learn about other cultures and also show others our heritage.  The rich heritage that has existed in Harrison through the generations who have made Harrison their own, is on display in one weekend and remembered for years.

We hope that you enjoy this celebration and that you take part in adding your culture to the celebration.  Once you experience Harrison Fest and the many cultures of Harrison's residents you will realize how all the cultures put together make Harrison such a great town to live in.

The latter two paragraphs are from the Harrison Fest About page.  You can explore photos and videos on the Harrison Fest webpage

Watch Parade videos on website.

Photographs of Harrison Fest 2016.

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