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Peruvian Parade 2022: Asociacion Cajamarguina USA

Jul 28, 2022
Peruvian Parade Harrison NJ Float

The Asociacion Cajamarguina USA had a float at the Peruvian Civic Association Peruvian Independence Parade 2022.  Their motto is "Work, Respect, and Love For Our Cultural Identity".

Former Councilman and Harrison Mayoral Candidate Anselmo Millan was their Honored Guest. Millan stated that it was wonderful to be at another Harrison Parade celebrating Harrison's diversity.  He went on to state that "I got a great reception from everyone.  It warmed my heart to have residents through the Parade yell out to me and greet me. It was a lot hotter than the United Irish St. Patrick's Day Parade." Millan marched in the United Irish St. Patrick's Parade and sponsored a bagpipe band from Galicia Spain.

Anselmo MIllan knows something about organizing a parade as President of Harrison Fest, a non profit corporation, he has headed up Harrison Fest Street Festival and Grand Parade in Harrison NJ for over two decades.









Check out the Your Peruvian Civic Association Peruvian Independence Day Parade 2022 page for more photographs.

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