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No Agenda:Does That Mean Apr.18, 2023 Mayor&Council Meeting Cancelled?

Apr 18, 2023
Harrison NJ Ward Maps Photo

Update: It has been confirmed that the Mayor & Council meeting for Tuesday, April 18, 2022 has been CANCELLED. The Town of Harrison website was updated in the afternoon to indicate the meeting was Cancelled.

As of Monday evening, the Agenda for Harrison’s Mayor & Council meeting on Tuesday, April 18, 2023, had not been posted to the Town of Harrison website. The Agenda is usually posted a couple of days before the Mayor & Council meeting to allow the members of the public to review it according to the New Jersey Sunshine Law.  If the meeting is going forward it will start at 6:15 p.m. with a Caucus, which can be attended by the public, in the Conference Room outside the Mayor’s Office on the 3rd Floor of the Town Hall building.  It was not clear whether the meeting would continue after the Caucus on the 2nd Floor as tradition dictates. Note: This is an in-person meeting of the Mayor & Council and there is no Zoom option or videotaping of the meeting. You are allowed to videotape the meeting or live stream it. 

If the Agenda is published on the Town of Harrison's website, we will endeavor to update this article/post. 

Information On How Asking Questions of Mayor & Council 

There is both a time to address the Mayor & Council when an Ordinance is introduced and a Public session regarding the Ordinance is announced.  In addition, there is an opportunity for the Public to speak during the Public Session of the meeting where questions can be asked and/or complaints, comments, and suggestions can be made. There is a 5-minute time period for each member of the public.  The Mayor can extend the period for a member of the public to speak. Anyone can speak at the meeting.  There is no residency requirement to speak. 

See our prior article Wednesday Night: Ask the Mayor for detailed information on how to attend and the Public Session of the meeting if you want to learn more about the Mayor & Council Meeting process. 

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