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How Old Are Harrison’s Water Pipes?

Apr 27, 2022
Lead Water Pipe

Before the 1800s water in Harrison was provided by private wells on your property or by carrying water from the Passaic River.  

In 1884, the Jersey City Water Company set up a reservoir in North Arlington where the present Riverview Gardens are located, and piped water from the Passaic River into the reservoir.  The water was then piped via Belleville Turnpike, along Kearny Avenue to Frank E. Rodgers Blvd (then called 4th Street) into Harrison. 

The Jersey City Water Company Harrison project cost $40,000 which is the equivalent of $1,173,600 today.  Not a small investment for the Jersey City Water Company.  The Jersey City Water Company was purchased by the New Jersey Suburban Water Company in 1903. 

In 1939, the Mayor and Council of the Town of Harrison negotiated a better water rate with the Passaic Valley Water Commission which has provided water to the Town of Harrison until today.

The Passaic Valley Water Commission (PVWC) recently issued a lead and cooper warning and recommended that residents not drink tap water.  The PVWC recommended that bottled water and/or filter water be used for drinking and cooking purposes.  Read the entire article Harrison Don't Drink the Tap Water.

We do not know how old the water pipes in Harrison are?  But chances are the water pipes have not been changed for over 50 to 70 years.  Maybe the Harrison historian and/or the Town’s Construction or Water Department official knows how old the pipes are in Harrison.

Maybe someone can provide us with the answer on our Discussion Board.