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Harrison Police Announce Community Policing Events

Sep 13, 2022
Harrison Fest Naturalization Citizen Drive

Harrison Police Chief David Strumolo announced that the Harrison Police Department will be holding Community Policing events throughout the Town of Harrison.  The first is scheduled for Thursday, September 15, 2022, at the Firehouse Playground on Sussex Street between 6 pm and 8 pm.  There will be complimentary Pizza and drinks for anyone that wants some.  There are additional events throughout the Town of Harrison.  The specifics of the events have not yet been announced by the Harrison Police Department.  A map was released with locations but the specific venue was not specified.  Updates will be provided.

Map of Harrison Police Community Police Events

The United States Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs describes Community Policing as follows:

Community policing is, in essence, a collaboration between the police and
the community that identifies and solves community problems. With the
police no longer the sole guardians of law and order, all members of the
community become active allies in the effort to enhance the safety and
quality of neighborhoods. Community policing has far-reaching implications.

With the expanded outlook on crime control and prevention, the new em-
phasis on making community members active participants in the process of
problem solving, and the patrol officers’ pivotal role in community policing
require profound changes within the police organization. The neighbor-
hood patrol officer, backed by the police organization, helps community
members mobilize support and resources to solve problems and enhance
their quality of life. Community members voice their concerns, contribute
advice, and take action to address these concerns. Creating a constructive
partnership will require the energy, creativity, understanding, and patience
of all involved.

Deputy Chief Patrick Minutillo (far left) at Harrison Fest Naturalization Drive Part of Harrison Community Policing. United States Senator Robert Menendez (far right) and to the left then Councilman Anselmo MIllan, President of Harrison Fest.

Community Policing is not new to the Harrison Police Department.  Retired Deputy Chief Patrick Minutillo headed up the Harrison Community Policing in the 1990s and 2000’s and Harrison Police Officers would participate in community activities such as Naturalization Drives where residents would apply for the United States Citizenship and be able to obtain their fingerprints the same day courtesy of volunteer Harrison Police officers.  The fingerprints were submitted to the United States Immigration and Naturalization Center.  The Naturalization Applications were completed by volunteers experienced in the completion of Naturalization Applications. 

Harrison Police Officer Assisting Naturalization Applicant, Maria Matos, with onsite Fingerprinting During Immigration Drive part of the Harrison Community Policing

Both the Harrison Fest Committee President Anselmo Millan conducted Naturalization Drives and the Centro Romeu Cascaes Portuguese American Community Center of Harrison NJ conducted Naturalization Drives.  The Harrison Community Policing would come out with its officers and assist in taking applicant fingerprints.  The fingerprinting was a great service for the resident applying for United States Citizenship.  These Harrison Police officers and the residents would meet and it helped officers meet residents and allow residents to meet police officers who they now knew from the event and could greet on the streets of Harrison in a totally different way.

Your Harrison applauds the efforts of Harrison Police Chief David Strumolo and the officer in the Community Policing Unit for their efforts.  It should be noted that at least one Harrison Police officer met his future wife as a volunteer at one of the United States Naturalization Drives. So there are unforeseen benefits of volunteering for the Harrison Community Policing Unit.

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Photo Credit: Harrison Police Dept. and Harrison Fest.