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Harrison NJ Hampton Inn Incident: Disturbance Leads to Hospitalization

May 22, 2024
Hampton Hotel Harrison NJ

Last Sunday, May 19, 2024, an individual who was staying at the Hampton Inn in Harrison, NJ had such a bad day that he ended up admitted to a local hospital for observation.

At approximately 1:00 PM, the Harrison Police Department's patrol units responded to a call for service at the Hampton Inn. Hotel management informed the police that a patron was refusing to vacate his room despite his stay having officially ended. When hotel staff attempted to communicate with the occupant, he refused to respond and management reported hearing sounds resembling that of a firearm being loaded.

Police officers promptly arrived to conduct a welfare check on the occupant. Despite multiple attempts, they were unable to establish contact with the individual, who was making grunting noises from inside the room. The situation escalated when officers heard what they believed was the sound of a firearm being racked.

In response, patrol units maintained a safe distance while the Harrison Police Department's Emergency Response Team secured the perimeter and evacuated nearby rooms. Pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the area was shut down for safety.

To accommodate displaced hotel patrons, police set up a location in town for the Hotel patrons and provided transportation to that location. The situation was then handed over to the Hudson County Regional SWAT Team upon their arrival.

The SWAT team successfully removed the individual from the room without further incident, and he was immediately transported to the hospital for medical attention and observation. Subsequent investigation by the Harrison Police Department Detective Bureau, including getting a search warrant for the Hotel room, yielded no firearms or other weapons.

The individual was issued complaint summonses for Theft of Services and Obstruction. The Hampton Inn was the first hotel in the Town of Harrison.  The second Hotel in Harrison is the Element Hotel located next to the Harrison Path station. Although this was a disruptive incident, it is nice to know that the Harrison Police Department, the Harrison Police Detective unit, and the Hudson County Regional SWAT Team, were prepared with a plan to ensure the safety of residents in the neighborhood and all hotel guests and staff.

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