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Harrison Avenue Water Service Interruption and Post-Restoration Guidelines

Feb 06, 2024
harrison water department

Residents of the 600 block of Harrison Avenue will experience a temporary water service shutdown on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, and Thursday, February 8, 2024, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. This interruption is essential for the Town of Harrison to facilitate crucial infrastructure upgrades, specifically the installation of a new 8-inch water main on Davis Avenue.

The Town has contracted a water service contractor for this upgrade, with Harrison’s Water Department and  Department of Public Works personnel overseeing the operation to ensure work inspection, supervision, and adherence to quality control standards. The primary objective is to minimize the inconvenience to residents by limiting the duration of the water service disruption. Residents are advised to store water in portable containers for essential use during the shutdown period.

Restoration of water supply to the affected properties is a top priority and will be executed as swiftly as possible. Post-restoration, the Harrison Water Department recommends that residents undertake the following measures to ensure water safety and quality:

  1. Run Cold Water Taps: Upon the return of the water service, it is crucial for residents to let their cold water tap run for several minutes. This step is necessary to flush out any rust and air that may have infiltrated the water lines during the shutdown.
  2. Check for Rusty Water: Before using water for drinking or laundry, ensure the water runs clear. If a rusty water condition persists, it is important to report this immediately to the Harrison Water Department for assistance.

For further assistance or to report any issues post-restoration, residents can contact the Harrison Water Department at 973 268 2468. Queries regarding the water main shutdown can also be directed to the department via email at [email protected].

This article is a public service announcement intended to inform residents of the upcoming water service interruption and the necessary steps to ensure water quality post-restoration.

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