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Celebrate Peruvian Day Parade and Festival Sun. July 23, 2023

Jul 15, 2023
Peruvian Day Parade Festival Harrison NJ

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The Peruvian Civic Association of NJ Inc. (PCA) is holding its annual Peruvian Day Parade and Festival on Sunday, July 23, 2023. This vibrant event will feature a lively Parade starting in Harrison, NJ, followed by a Festival at the beautiful Frank Vincent Marina Park in Kearny, NJ. With limited parking available, we recommend utilizing side streets between Kearny Avenue and Passaic Avenue for convenient parking.

Peruvian Independence Day and its Significance

Peruvian Independence Day is a momentous occasion commemorating the country's independence from Spanish rule. On July 28, 1821, General José de la Riva-Agüero declared Peru's independence, marking the beginning of a new era of freedom and self-governance. This annual celebration not only honors Peru's rich history but also showcases its vibrant culture, traditions, and contributions to the global community.

Peruvian Day Parade Details

The Parade will kick off at 12:30 p.m. in front of the Harrison Town Hall located at 318 Harrison Avenue, Harrison, NJ. Spectators can witness the spectacle as it proceeds north along Frank E. Rodgers Blvd in Harrison. The Parade route continues onto Kearny Avenue, culminating at the reviewing stand in front of the Kearny Town Hall situated at 402 Kearny Avenue, Kearny, NJ. Be sure to grab a spot along the route and experience the vibrant colors, music, dance performances, and traditional costumes that exemplify the Peruvian spirit.

Peruvian Day Festival at Frank Vincent Marina Park

Following the Parade, the festivities will continue at the Frank Vincent Marina Park, located at 205 Passaic Avenue, Kearny, NJ. The Festival promises an exciting program filled with Peruvian music, dance performances, cultural exhibitions, arts and crafts, delicious Peruvian cuisine, and much more. It's a wonderful opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in Peruvian traditions, connect with the local community, and celebrate Peru's independence in a joyous atmosphere.

Artists Scheduled for Peruvian Festival

Parking Recommendations

Given the limited parking at the festival venue, we encourage attendees to utilize the side streets between Kearny Avenue and Passaic Avenue for convenient parking options. Please note that parking on Passaic Avenue itself is prohibited. Arriving early and carpooling with friends and family is also advisable to make the most of this incredible celebration without worrying about parking inconveniences.

Important West Hudson Civic Associations

The Peruvian Civic Association of NJ Inc. is an important civic organization in West Hudson (Harrison, East Newark & Kearny). When another important civic organization the United Irish decided to go forward with their annual St. Patrick’s Day parade in 2022, the Peruvian Civic Association members marched in frigid weather in support of the United Irish long-time tradition.  The 2022 United Irish St. Patrick’s Day parade faced several obstacles including continued Covid-19 outbreaks but its leadership's decision to move forward and hold the St. Patrick’s Day Parade uplifted the community.  The United Irish last year braved a very hot day and returned the respect the Peruvian Civic Association had shown the United Irish and a contingency marched in last year's Peruvian Parade. These two organizations reflect well on the diversity and common ground various immigrant communities have in West Hudson. The Irish have quite a lot of generations to trace to get back to the first generation of Irish who immigrated to the United States.  It is nice to see that St. Patrick's Day brings the new generations out and pays respect to the persons of Irish heritage who are no longer with us.

See You At The Parade

See you at the Parade, all residents and visitors are welcome to join the festivities on Sunday, July 23, 2023, to commemorate Peruvian Independence Day. The Peruvian Civic Association Parade, starting in Harrison and culminating in Kearny, will showcase the vibrancy and diversity of Peruvian culture. Following the Parade, the festivities continue at the Frank Vincent Marina Park, offering an immersive experience filled with music, dance, arts, crafts, and delectable Peruvian cuisine. With limited parking available, it is recommended to park on side streets between Kearny Avenue and Passaic Avenue. Embrace the spirit of Peru and be part of this unforgettable celebration in New Jersey.

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