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Bicyclist Fatally Struck in Harrison NJ: Joint Investigation Underway

Aug 29, 2023
Harrison NJ Sign Corner of Harrison Avenue and Route 280 Eastbound Ramp

A somber mood envelops the town of Harrison following a tragic accident on Sunday, August 27, 2023, where a bicyclist was fatally struck by a car. The incident occurred at the intersection of Harrison Avenue and the on-ramp to Route 280 East.

Initial reports suggest that the driver of the vehicle that hit the bicyclist remained at the scene. Their decision to stay is a testament to their sense of responsibility, especially given the gravity of the situation. Another driver, who witnessed the accident unfold, also stayed behind, potentially providing crucial information that could shed light on the circumstances leading up to the accident.

Joint Investigation

Both the Harrison Police Department and the New Jersey State Troopers were present at the scene, conducting a joint investigation. The accident's location, at the border of Route 280, necessitated the involvement of both law enforcement agencies. Route 280, which falls under the jurisdiction of the New Jersey State Police, often sees a collaboration between local and state authorities in incidents of this nature.

Harrison Police To Provide Additional Information

The identity of the bicyclist is yet to be disclosed, with officials waiting to notify the family before releasing any personal details. As the town grapples with the loss, there's a palpable call for enhanced safety measures, especially at intersections known to be busy or potentially hazardous. This particular intersection is not considered as dangerous as the intersection of Bergen Street and South Frank E. Rodgers Blvd near the other entrance ramp to Route 280. Despite a left turn light, traffic control at the intersection is at times chaotic with pedestrians crossing Bergen Street competing with drivers trying to make the left-hand turn leading to the Route 280 Westbound ramp. Without fail, many drivers try to extend the left turn signal to make the turn despite it no longer being lit for such a maneuver.  

The joint investigation by the Harrison Police Department and the New Jersey State Troopers underscores the seriousness of the incident. Their combined efforts aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the accident, ensuring that all factors are considered and that justice is served.

While details remain scant at this time, the community's focus is on supporting the family of the deceased. Individuals on Facebook expressed their condolences and lamented about such a sudden and tragic loss.

Our deepest condolences go out to the bereaved family. As more information becomes available, we will continue to update our readers on the developments surrounding this tragic event.

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