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Tapping the Future: Harrison PATH Station Enhances Commuter Experience

Apr 12, 2024
Harrison NJ Path Station Eastbound Entrance

As part of a broader initiative to modernize transit access across the New York and New Jersey area, The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey has introduced the Total Access PATH Payment (TAPP) system, now operational at select turnstiles in all PATH terminal stations including the Harrison Path Station along with World Trade Center, 33rd Street, Newark-Penn Station, Journal Square, and Hoboken This tap-and-go payment facility underscores a significant advancement in commuter convenience, enabling travelers to expedite their station transitions with a simple card or device tap.

Since its launch in December 2023, TAPP has recorded nearly a million taps, signifying widespread approval and ease among PATH users. The authority aims to extend TAPP to the entire network by the end of 2024, marking a stride toward integrating technology into daily commutes.

Notably, the Harrison Path Station’s new Eastbound / New York Bound station entryway on the west side of South Frank E. Rodgers Boulevard, has incorporated the new TAPP system.

Path Station Groundbreaking in 2013

The new Harrison Path station’s development was initiated with a groundbreaking ceremony in 2013, attended by the late Mayor Raymond McDonough and former Governor Chris Christie, The Port Authority of NY/NJ Commissioners & officials, Town of Harrison Councilmembers, Union Leaders and other dignitaries. Mayor McDonough’s vision and Governor Christie's support helped to transform what was once a contaminated industrial zone into a vibrant residential area, catalyzing significant real estate development and the building of modern luxury apartment buildings in Harrison's Redevelopment Zone.

However, the redevelopment faces potential setbacks from the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) plan to construct a facility for handling toxic dioxin-laden sludge and debris within a residential community. Positioned on the PSE&G property adjacent to the Harrison PATH station and across from new luxury apartment buildings, this proposal has sparked concerns over health risks and potential disruption to the ongoing progress in urban renewal. The progress made over 26 years is at risk with the proposed dewatering of Toxic Dioxin Laden Sludge in Harrison.

Mayor Fife's Silence is Deafening

Despite these concerns, current Harrison Mayor James Fife has not publicly opposed the EPA’s plans. His silence comes at a critical juncture as his deafening silence and lack of opposition emboldens the EPA to put the Toxic Sludge dewatering plant in what is now a residential community. The community is also at risk of losing out on planned enhancements such as a new Community Center, a park, and a traffic improvement scheme including a Drop Off / Pick up & Turnaround for the PATH station and nearby Red Bull Arena.

As The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey moves forward with the integration of advanced technology like TAPP at the PATH station, it represents further progress for Harrison’s Path Station. However, the juxtaposition of technological advancement with environmental and community challenges presents a complex scenario for residents and stakeholders. This situation underscores the importance of following the Harrison Redevelopment plan which called for the conversion of an industrial wasteland into a vibrant residential and office community.  A Toxic Dioxin Laden Sludge plan does not check any of the boxes on what is acceptable in Harrison’s Redevelopment Zone.

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