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Harrison Merchant Validated Parking Program Not Well-Known

Jun 10, 2024
Harrison Parking Garage

The Town of Harrison has a free and reduced rate Merchant Validated Parking Program aimed at providing lower-cost parking for shoppers but the program is not well known. The Merchant Validated Parking Program at the Harrison Parking Garage near the Harrison PATH Station provides customers of local merchants with reduced parking rates at the garage. The program however is only utilized by Harrison Commons Building 1 (where Five Guys Harrison Station is located) and Harrison Commons Building 3 (where Ah Pizz is located)  with free or reduced-rate parking.

Under this program, merchants can offer their customers complimentary parking for up to 30 minutes, allowing quick visits without any cost to the shopper or the merchant. This feature is especially beneficial for businesses that deal primarily with fast, transactional customer visits. The following provides full details on the program and benefits.

Program Details and Benefits

  1. Short Visits: For quick stops, customers can park for up to 30 minutes free of charge. This feature is especially beneficial for businesses that cater to fast, in-and-out transactions, ensuring that even those merchants reluctant to join due to the nature of their business can participate without incurring additional costs.
  2. Extended Stays: Participating merchants can offer validations for up to two hours of parking, waiving the usual $5 fee for the customer. Instead, the merchant pays only $2 per validation issued. This option is perfect for customers who wish to browse stores or enjoy a meal without rushing.
  3. Longer Engagements: Bars and restaurants with table service can provide up to four hours of validated parking, a boon for patrons looking to relax and enjoy their time. Here, a $10 parking fee is waived, costing the merchant just $4.
  4. Special Events: With prior approval, merchants hosting events can validate parking for up to six hours, encouraging guests to attend longer events without worrying about parking expenses. In this case, a standard $15 fee is waived, and the merchant is billed $6.

Ensuring Fair Use

The program strictly stipulates that validations can only be issued to paying customers or guests at special events. Any misuse, such as issuing validations to business owners, managers, employees, or multiple validations for a single parking stay, will result in the withdrawal of the validation privileges.

Merchants are invoiced for the validations they issue and must clear the amount incurred within 45 days to continue enjoying the program benefits. Those who withdraw voluntarily from the program must wait 90 days before they can rejoin.

Exclusions and Terms

It’s important to note that the validations are not applicable on days when events are held at Red Bull Stadium, ensuring that the parking facilities are adequately available for event-goers.

The Merchant Validated Parking Program represents a thoughtful initiative by the Town of Harrison to support local businesses while making shopping and dining more accessible and pleasant for customers. By easing parking challenges, Harrison not only bolsters its economic environment but also enhances its community appeal, making it a more attractive destination for both locals and visitors alike.

The Town of Harrison has not publicized the Merchant Validated Parking Program.  Any Harrison merchant who wants to participate in the program can apply with the Town of Harrison Clerk Paul Zarbetski who is located on the First Floor of the Harrison Town Hall, located at 318 Harrison Avenue, Harrison NJ, and whose office telephone is (973) 268-2425

The Other Side of Town

Of course, the program is more advantageous to businesses that are closer to the Harrison Parking Garage.  Merchants on the other side of town can still join the program but the further you are away from the Harrison Parking Garage, the less likely you are going to use the garage to park and patronize a Harrison business.  The Program not only helps in reducing the overhead costs associated with customer parking but also encourages more people to visit knowing that parking is one less expense to worry about. Signing up is Free so it makes sense to join the program.  Maybe a patron wants to take a walk to and from a local restaurant or go for a stroll after dinner.

Mayor & Council Need To Build the Millan Underground Parking Garage

The Merchant Validated Parking Program is a clear step towards modernizing Harrison’s approach to urban management and business support. By reducing the parking cost to customers, Harrison aims to foster a more welcoming and customer-friendly shopping environment.  Parking is at a premium throughout the Town and the Mayor & Council should be taking steps to alleviate the Parking crisis for residents especially those in the northern part of the Town which has no parking garages available to take a good quantity of cars off the streets of Harrison. 

Anselmo Millan, the former Councilman, and Candidate for Mayor, had proposed an underground parking garage at Library Park in the heart of the Business District between South Frank E. Rodgers Blvd and South 5th Street along Harrison Avenue to alleviate the lack of parking in the Town of Harrison. The underground garage would be like the Military Park Garage in Downtown Newark with an entrance on South Frank E. Rodgers Blvd and an exit onto Ann Street / South 5th Street. The Mayor & Council have not taken any steps toward making that idea a reality.  It sure would provide much-needed parking without reducing green space, another valuable resource in short supply in the Town of Harrison.

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