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Get Out To Vote: Election Day Tues. Nov. 7, 2023 Polls Open 6 am- 8 pm

Nov 06, 2023
Harrison NJ Map of Voting Wards

Election Day in Harrison, New Jersey, on Tuesday, November 7, 2023, arrives with a notable lack of competition in local Council races. There is no mayoral election this year.. The incumbent Councilpersons in the four wards of Harrison NJ —Maria Camano (1st Ward), Eleanor Villalta (2nd Ward), Delfim Sarabando (3rd Ward), and Michael Dolaghan (4th Ward)—face no challengers. This absence of opposition in the council races raises concerns about the health of local democracy and the robustness of civic engagement.

At the state and county levels, the spirit of democracy is more palpable, with several contested races drawing attention. The State Senate sees Democrat M. Teresa Ruiz defending her seat in the 29th Legislative District against Republican Maritza Matthews. The General Assembly has Democrats Eliana Pintor-Marin and Shanique Speight up against Republicans Noble Milton and Orlando Mendez.

The election for Hudson County Executive candidate Craig Guy, a Democrat, is running unopposed, poised to take over from his mentor, the retiring and current Hudson County Executive Thomas DeGise.

Incumbent Democrat Albert J. Cifelli is seeking another term which Republican Jorge D. Santos, the owner of a generational business in Kearny is seeking to unseat him. 

A contested Mayoral race in Kearny has two Democrats and one Republican running for the Office of Mayor. The odd two Democrats vying for the Mayor's seat came about as a result of long time Kearny Mayor Albert Santos opting to take an appointment to the New Jersey Superior Court earlier this year and thus opening up the Mayor's seat.  It has been a lively election with appointed Mayor Peter Santana, a Democrat, sparring with fellow Democrat Carol Jean Doyle and Republican Sydney Ferreira. Peter Santana has ties to Harrison as he works for the Harrison Public School. If you are interested in watching a well moderated political debate click here to see the Kearny Mayoral Debate Night 2023 moderated by the Editor of the Observer local newspaper, Kevin Canessa. Canessa is also a Harrison resident.

Locate your Polling Location

Polling locations in Harrison will be operational from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., featuring in-person touchscreen voting machines with a paper audit trail. For voters unsure of their polling station, Your Harrison set up a website, where entering one's address will provide the designated voting location. links directly to the State of New Jersey Election website and its database of polling locations.

The unopposed races, particularly at the local level, underscore a concerning trend: the lack of choice may lead to complacency among elected officials and a sense of disconnection for the electorate. The act of voting transcends the mere selection of candidates; it is an affirmation of democratic engagement. As such, it is critical for Harrison's residents to vote, to demonstrate to current and potential future leaders that the community is observant and demands accountability. This Election Day, beyond casting a ballot, voters are urged to reflect on how competitive elections can be encouraged, ensuring that all voices are heard and represented in the governance of Harrison.

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