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Clara Maass Medical Center Offers Screenings at Harrison Senior Center

Apr 18, 2024
Clara Maass Medical Center Staff Photo

In a commendable effort to enhance community health, RWJ Barnabas Health Clara Maass Medical Center is set to provide free health screenings at the Harrison Senior Citizen Center this Saturday, April 20, 2024, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Residents can avail themselves of blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol screenings without the need for a prior appointment.

The event, orchestrated by the Clara Maass Medical Center’s community health team, is also an opportunity for residents to receive valuable health education. Such initiatives are part of the center's ongoing commitment to public health and its legacy of service that spans more than a century.

A Rich History of Serving the Community

Clara Maass Medical Center, located in Belleville, New Jersey, carries a name of profound historical significance. It was founded in 1868 as Newark German Hospital, reflecting its roots in serving the local German immigrant community. The hospital was later renamed in honor of Clara Maass, a heroic nurse who sacrificed her life during scientific experiments to combat yellow fever in Cuba.

A Legacy of Expansion and Service

In 1987, the hospital’s trajectory took a significant turn when it was acquired by Saint Barnabas Medical Center, leading to enhanced resources and expanded capabilities. This partnership paved the way for broader community service and healthcare delivery improvements.

Today, as part of the RWJ Barnabas Health network, Clara Maass Medical Center stands as a testament to dedicated healthcare service. The affiliation with Robert Wood Johnson Barnabas Health has further empowered the hospital with additional expertise and advanced medical technologies, bolstering its mission to provide top-tier healthcare services.

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A Commitment to Public Health

Saturday's event at the Harrison Senior Citizen Center is just one of many initiatives by Clara Maass Medical Center to reach out to the community, especially the elderly, who are often at higher risk for chronic diseases. These health screenings play a crucial role in early detection and prevention, which are key to maintaining a healthy community.

Residents are encouraged to take advantage of the free services provided this weekend. For those seeking more information, no prior arrangements are needed — just a commitment to personal health and wellness.

By hosting such events, Clara Maass Medical Center not only honors its namesake’s legacy of caring and sacrifice but also reinforces its role as a pillar of health within the community.

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We value your input! Share your thoughts on our Community Discussion Board. Haven't joined yet? Sign up now for free and be part of the conversation!